The Farewell Thread


Can i have your decas?




no. I said ill come back if I decide to quit. this will perhaps just be a transition away for an unknown amount of time


Please stop begging.






I may not play rotmg actively again anytime soon (yes I said this before kinda), because it’s getting stale and too stressful to find a balance of fun playing the game and subconscious obligation to max 15 chars (which will never happen xd).


Hey guys, never really thought I’d be posting here.

Learned to rush halls, did some cults (~30), got my cult staff.

Died w/ it doing some really stupid shit (my graveyard is pub but I’m not saying what stupid shit it was myself), and got angry that I’m the only one ever really taking a risk. If I did the same shit while hacking, little to no chance of dying. Same thing w/ a divine pet, it’d require I get the char basically sat on. Just… all the little things (also including event chests and, to a lesser extent, discord raids) that stopped people from taking risks (and many of them actively removing it from the game). I don’t know when, but it has lost its veneer of being fun.

Goodbye, despite all of my efforts, remains.

I only see myself coming back for either the beta testing of the port, or if I see DECA making serious strides to combat hacking, but seeing as the majority of the playerbase does, and afaik, it genuinely seems against their best interests, I don’t think this will happen anytime soon.

Addendum - I feel like an idiot for not including something about MotMG. It helps that the x2 event whites is a realm event (not popping keys), and that (although I didn’t realize it at first) I didn’t actually throw away my ST helm (it was in vault, not on a char) so I have that to look forward to.


7 years and 197 days.
That’s how long I’ve been playing Realm of the Mad God.
That’s all time I’ve had the fun I could in a sense.
That was plenty of time to see Realm of the Mad God grow and change into what it is now.

At this point, I can’t quite have fun like I’ve used to. It doesn’t feel the same.

I’ve grown quite a bit. I’ve started with a wizard who, upon teleporting into Glands get insta’d by a Medusa. 0/8 level one. Now, I finish with maxed out characters.

It doesn’t feel the same anymore. It doesn’t feel as special to have a maxxed out character, or to be a white-star. This was back when servers were made with the expectation of less than 10 or so maxxed players. Now, it is sine qua non to have a maxxed character.

It is also quite a shame now that people are now no longer taking risks that have defined the game. I’ve lost characters to stupid deaths, But I’d rather die than ever resort to auto-nexus.

Say what you will about my star color, I’m a noob still to some folks. I’ve had fun regardless.

I’ve been addicted before. I played for multiple hours a day, but that is for a time now gone. All I do nowadays is show up for dailies. From how I see it, it is a sign for me that I’m losing interest if I develop this habit. It’s a sad thing that I must let go of Realm of the Mad God now, but part of life is learning how to let go of things when it’s time to do so.

I thank all of the members, former and present of both guilds, The Infamous and Exotics. I’ve made plenty of good memories with both of these guilds. I thank in particular ConsoleMC, who was kind enough to let me into his guild. I won’t forget my time with him.

Nor will I forget those 7 years and 197 days of my life. It’s hard to find games that make me spend that much time in them.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and have a nice day. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I do bring great memories.
I think


Welp, after losing my 7/8 ninja to the absolutely lazy (((Heroic))) Udl, I’ve decided im fucking off from this game until the unity beta comes out. Cuz I’m not wasting my fucking time grinding this piss heap for the 2000th time, I neither have the time nor the patience to do so anymore as it’s not even rewarding anymore (sorta like most of the game at this point… looking at you magic woods). And if the Unity port doesn’t really revive the game or fix most of the problems it currently has then I’m most likely leaving for good.

4ish years of time wasted, feelz gud man :joy: :gun:

I’ll probably still be on the forums I guess, but you just wont see me in game.

and no, you can’t have any of my stuff.


Someone’s slightly pissed.


Can I have your deca rings?

Better yet, give them to a poor light blue star like senseiwaff


No, he must give ME his kendo stick collection. I called it first. :kendostick:


sorry I don’t give to poor people.

why doesn’t he just buy rings off of ring of decades now in stock site?

and no, you can’t have my deca rings, rich man >:(((((((((

wut maks u think thet. who would be mad at losing hours of time in a vidya gaim when tey coold’v ben doin something mor productive.

winky face

but being serious @Wilhuff, I might do a giveaway of that type of stuff if I leave the game for good, just not now.


I was kidding about wanting your deca rings.


I know :>

Thanks to everyone who supported me and all the guilds I’ve been in. Maybe someday, in the Unity port I can come back and enjoy the game to its fullest extent. I did get enough fame to fuse to legendary though (finally)!. Thanks to @Davidshu for staying near the graves for me. Other than that, I think that’s it.

Peace y’all!



Quitting this game is ezr than i thought it would be… went from 2hrs/day to one hr/week ez rip me im just too bad to max chars so my few event whites are rotting in vault forever


Some months ago I finally stopped with realm completely and yesterday I revisited my account / realmeye.
I knew it’s time to say good bye to all of my items and chars :slightly_smiling_face: I hadn’t the best or rarest stuff but it was enought for me^ 2-3 of my chars were alive for 2 years now but now thats all gone.
It felt good on the one side but on the other side I lost over 3k hours of my life…

Dunno but I might come back, when realm has changed to unity or there are less less hackers.

click me for the sad video, k

since I can’t just add the video because I get a message the the video is unable to play, I made a hyperlink