The Farewell Thread



Some of you might know that I’m going to china for about 2 months.

I have a vpn (nord yay) but my phone data will be expensive in china, so rip that.

Soo I guess I’ll be inactive. Might still log in to rotmg for the juicy calendar rewards, but for now…

Sea yeah.


safe travels


Nuuu! Have fun!


gonna miss motmg


Huh, didn’t expect that I’d be writing here so early, heh…

So, I guess if anyone has been coincidentally paying attention to my activity both in-game and on the forums, you’ve seen it has died down tremendously. Nowadays finding it a chore to log on to the game for 20s for the log-in reward, and losing my keen interest in running around these forums. That’s when I realised “…well crap, this means another farewell break to the game”.

This game isn’t bad, I really enjoyed it during my past 7 months and loved seeing all the new content like dungeons, equipment, enemies and bosses. It was really enjoyable relieving that nostalgia, so it makes me quite sad that I’ve run out of fuel to continue my adventure in this game. Then again, what’s there to do when you’ve collected almost every white bag in the game and have achieved white star and nearly 100k alive fame? Few goals, more often than not simply tedious, but I kept at it…

…until SBA stole my heart, reminding me of what the old RotMG used to be, and my interest and attention dived into that instead. SBA’s now my new favourite game, but I’ll always remember RotMG started the spark of it all <3

As for the forums, come on, how can I leave this happy community place? Made some amazing forum friends, mostly regulars, people I’d gladly have a casual chat any day. I’ll still be here, not as active, but still here for those few special people, as well as on Discord of course. Maybe when MotMG rolls around, I’ll revisit the game again ^-^b

The Introduction Thread

Hehe can’t get away that easy, punk. U gotta struggle more to free yourself from the rotmg addiction like the rest of us. No SBA therapy will save you.


mostly kidding btw don’t take me srsly



Account was hacked, and all of my characters were killed, when I had some really amazing stuff that I wanted to keep really, really bad. It took 6 1/2 years, and I got my first Dirk of Cronus and Bracer of the Guardian on that one Archer, and I had so much more that I loved. But then it all just had to be taken away like that.

I’m not going through all of this again. I refuse to try this one more time. It’s happened once, and I tried coming back from it, but now this has gone much too far.

It was nice being on the forums, but I can’t continue from here, including with spriting or ideas. This game got me into all of it, but now, it’s going to be the thing that takes me away from it. It’ll take a miracle and a half to ever get me to come back.

If you ever see me in-game, it isn’t me. I don’t care if it counts as RWT, I’m letting someone else have my account, and they can enjoy what I can’t.


How did your account get hacked? I want to know if it is anything I should be worried about (with my trash collection of assorted whites and stuff)


Nah, it isn’t something you should worry about. I had a lot of really pricey items, so I was an obvious target for this kinda shit.


No, I mean like did you get it hacked from muledump or was it something unpreventable, like someone went into the database and got your password.


No clue. Don’t really care anymore.


That’s fucked. I hope ya can find something to do that you enjoy as much as RotMG. I’d personally suggest trying out Steambirds Alliance if you would like similar content.

Anyway, you may want to contact a forum admin to ban your account. Whoever has access to your account also has the ability to use your forum account now.


Nooo. I will miss you :sob:


That really sucks. I feel like account hacking is becoming a pretty big problem for games related to rotmg and forms in general. Just look at (a pretty big pserver you’ve probably heard of), they recently had a lot of accounts hacked.

Anyways, gl on life. Hope to see you on the forums again soon.


Nooooo :sob:


No surprise there


Yeah, sorry. I simply just… don’t want to be associated with Realm anymore. I’ve put way too much into it, and I need to stop myself.


Okay, but isn’t it like quite difficult to hack someone unless you have leaked SOME kind of information SOMEWHERE on the internet?


People are able to find it without that. It has happened a lot more than you might think, both games and not. I’ve literally never shared my password, let alone the email that’s associated to the account.


Still remembers that day 8 years ago when my Minecraft account got hacked out of blue when I did literally nothing nervous