The Farewell Thread


It’s not that it’s SUPREMELY rare but I was just curious. Hope you have a good life. Us no-lifes still playing this game.


I know this has been coming up for a long while, and I think my activity in this game has probably shown. There’s actually 3 reasons to why I haven’t been playing this game for awhile now.

1.RotMG has lost its charm for me. For awhile I was intent on solo-clearing an entire cult, which just never happened due to me losing a lot of drive for such goals. In the end it started to feel that the real enemy was just me getting disconnected part-way through the attempt (For those who obviously never saw me do it, I’m saying FULL clear. It was painfully slow.) I thought having the full necromancer ST set would do it but that obviously never happened. Long story short, I’m not having as much fun playing RotMG as I used to. Maybe it’ll come back in a bit of time, but right now there isn’t any.

2.Mental health - I’m not going to go into the details, but to summarize things up quickly I haven’t left my house for almost 2 weeks, and that time spent in my house has been ~20 hours each day in the same room. I’ve spent the best bits of two years in an endless loop of trying to solve my problems the wrong way, and the toll its taken is quite obvious. I started my Freshman year with completely Straight A’s, and over time through poor decision-making and trusting the wrong people (again a long story) dropped me all the way to B-C range Sophomore year, and now having completed my Junior year failing one of my classes and barely passing another. I’ve spent pretty much that whole time playing video games to forget about things, but that doesn’t really fix anything (if not make things worse). College applications are coming up for me, and if I’m going to want to have any chance of not living in my parent’s basement for the rest of my life, focusing on what’s important is probably a better idea than stressing out and playing video games.

3.This one isn’t as serious as the others, but the timing just happened to work out. In ~12 hours I will be leaving for the AID summer program, where you spend an entire month overseas in Taiwan teaching less fortunate people there English. I’m most likely going to spend that time teaching and rethinking a lot of things I’ve done over the past 2 years.

With all that out of the way, I’d just like to say a big thank-you to everyone here on the forums; my experience with this game couldn’t have been as fun without you guys. I’m really hoping that this won’t be my final good-bye, but there’s always the very high chance my soul gets sucked up by this game again. If so, see you guys in about a month.

Random sidenote

While I’m in Taiwan, I’ll be taking lots of photos as a form of self-therapy; if you guys want me to share them here, let me know and I will gladly do so because most photos I take are never shared anywhere, which kind of sucks.


Hope you have fun in Taiwan. <3


pls share the photos
and good luck i should probs quit too. my grades are going down slowly. sigh


Share the photos with us, and have fun in Taiwan, man!


1 year ago today I came to these forums. I had only recently started RotMG and this community really helped grow my interest and passion into the game.

Recently I started to see that this community started to feel very different from when I joined. Whether that be a change in me or a change in the people on here, it seemed like there was much more toxicity and spoiltness in the community – DECA didn’t give chest event free etc. Lost Halls after a month or 2 started to kill my motivation, and joining max eff fame trains made me realise that fame, the thing that made me want to play RotMG, has been trivialised.

I haven’t logged onto RotMG for 2 months. The forums for about 1. I thought I should say bye. I’m probably not coming back, certainly not on the forums but you may find me ingame. Who knows? I’m deleting my discord in about a week too.

@Fluffegan @InfamousX you guys are 2 that I met ingame a while ago now and I want to thank you guys for making my playing more fun.

@Wilhuff I’m glad we cleared the air between us. Enjoy your life.

@SirSpud Good luck in your studies and on getting that Trix up.

@DeIusional I’m sorry that I won’t get to speak to you again. You’re a good guy.

Bye guys, hope you have a good life. I’ll come back in a few days to look over any responses :)

Face Reveal!


Wait what come back



I feel you on the motivation shit bro, and I wish you the happiest of lives (after my future life ofc).


:frowning: good luck

I hope I didn’t contribute to the toxicity :c

(Wait why is everyone Asian)


totally not me


Damn man, sad to see you go. I’ll pm u this on disc as well to make sure u see it, but good luck on all of your studies and I hope school goes well for you! Again, Its really sad to see you go


I can assure you that you didn’t! you were one of the better users on here.

Honestly u weren’t too bad lmao
I kindaaaa overreacted that 1 time



farewell comrade, you will be missed.
I also have something to say, I was the one who moved your cup a while back.


I never have really talked on these forums so I doubt many people will recognize me, but that’s not important.

In the past I have played realm and never gotten that far. I made this account on Steam in hopes of managing to get to the end game. About 8 months ago I achieved that, after playing a lot from about last MotMG.
I supported the original campaign up to purple name. I got a 90/90/76 Mheal, heal, electric pet, I 8/8ed all the classes I enjoyed and put my favourite builds on all of them. I currently sit on over 150 decas worth of life, bought from when it was 8/1.
At this point I was basically done with the game. The only real thing I could do was get a maxed divine. What was the point? I can stun forever with my scutum and lava walk myself anyways. I’ve soloed every dungeon in the game but void and done that in a group of 4. Never really bothered to try a trio or duo.

I barely had a reason to play anymore. Most of the people I started with moved on. The people who taught me how to do lost halls I haven’t spoken to in 9 months. MCH proceeded to die.

I only ever spent my time from that point onwards joining bad guilds and messing around, trying to help out and also have some fun. I’ve slowly been playing less and less. I haven’t left the nexus for almost 2 months now. Most my characters are gone from realmeye, only the 2 I logged onto last showing.

My advice for new players is enjoy the time before end game while you can, don’t allow other people to give you the gear and whatever. I had stopped trading for my own benefit within about 4 months of starting to play seriously, it’s just not fun.

Anyways, with that, goodbye to all the forum users who may know me and the many who probably won’t. I may come in game some time to give away items if I feel like reinstalling. Good luck with all the white bags, and have a good motmg.

To be honest, I just made this post to say bye to @Survivor , who I know frequents this forum, who I couldn’t find on discord. Hopefully you see this, goodbye.

Also this is probably in the wrong category, someone move it if so.


never heard about you, but that was a nice and detailed message :slight_smile: hope you find something else for your interest


How can people get 150 decas when i can’t even solo a davy ?


Read his message correctly:

He has life (, worth about 150 decas) :wink:


How can he have lifes and i can’t even get one ? get it


Goodbye, have a nice life :)


Do more of the 4 and 5 star dungeons, they drop life sometimes (i got a few myself as well)