The Farewell Thread


This is more of an update, but due to the nature of my actions, it’s much more permanent - after losing my archer (ST ninja armor + the ring, Void Bow, tshot, t13 bow, cbow, QoT, a single void quiver short of my dream archer) to the ice sphere from 2nd shatters boss (I shouldn’t have tried to solo), I emptied my vault, released my pets (all of them), deleted my chars and suicided my trickster w/o gear to mark the end of a chapter in my life. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but it’s truly not worth the frustration. Playing realm is like playing “getting over it”, but every time you fall down the mountain, you’re presented with a completely new set of obstacles, and you can never actually win - you never learn anything.


So, with that in mind, I bid you all farewell. I don’t even think I have it in me to come back for the beta test. To those who cared about me, and to the memories of those in this game which I cherished, may we meet again someday.



Respect every demons. Bye, DD


Sad to see you go. Hope you have a great life outside of realm.


well shit, I was wondering why I hadn’t seen some people here on the forums for a while…

Rip :frowning:

And im not really good with goodbyes, but I do hope whatever you’re doing now is going well for you, and isn’t causing you much stress.


Why is realm so unpopular? And why do i think that it isn’t as fun as b4?


Too repetitive with events and dungeons.


Well, I think I’m going to say goodbye to the realm. The game is getting too repetitive, too unfair, and too unstable. I’m going to be on this weekend, and then I’m gonna be gone for good. I have no goodies (oof) PM me on discord chennitoa#8567 if you want my [redacted]. Imma transfer to a junk email and say goodbye. @NeonHex be sure to remove me from the guild


Peace mate. :v:t3:


My dude we all know rotmg players come back after years of break… lolz. Just give him a couple years kr maybe even after Unity releases :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly…I don’t think you should’ve released your pets just in case for some unexplainable reason you decide to revisit this game and reminisce some nostalgia.

On the side note, I never met you in game and I dont know if you’ll see this… but Farewell fellow realmer. I really hope you made the right decision.


Wow mate… at least you can revisit this some time in the future just to catch up on things ;).

You probably wont see this message but… Do big things in life.


:open_mouth: nuuu
rip im not removing u >:(




Well… it’s pretty official that i’m quitting. For how long I don’t know, but I have no plans to come back to the game for any reason than giving my buddies items from my account. This game is getting really stale, and the chest events are sucking the life out of the realms. The direction that Deca has taken this game just isn’t my style, as I like achieving and earning things more than I like getting them easily from ways like grinding events in USS events. I wish you all the best, and I’m no longer finding anything binding me to the game that was present for 7 years up until my recent revelation.


Will miss you <3.



You never know what the future may hold :confused:

Bye then.


@moderators Please ban me for a week. I need to focus on school and other stuff. Thanks :slight_smile:


Otherbill: Are you sure when you get banned you lose regular status.

Triiple: Oh no then


We can manually make people regulars.


I may pop back next year or whenever unity happens (was supposed to be this yr smh deca)