The Farewell Thread


I may pop back next year or whenever unity happens (was supposed to be this yr smh deca)


They said 2020. Pretty sure about it.


@smirror @ecookied Who said it wasn’t this year?


That’s not specified too well on whether or not they mean the beta.

The question explicitly says beta, while the answer just says “new client”.


That’s a good point, didn’t notice that


lol imma ban myself during the end of summer for a year


hopefully once school is over I can play rotmg with u all again. My schedule is too full to have rotmg as a priority this year, so I’ll be back, just not for 1-20 weeks. I’m playing minecraft again cuz its low stress unlike rotmg which made me want to kill myself lol.


or you can just play both at the same time


lol that just reminded me of when i was playing minecraft and tried to nexus after i was attacked by mobs
how funny


lmao very good


lemme in on summat is that urs?



also force facing bees doesn’t seems to work, i hope they fix it !


Ok yeah fk this game umm @Nevov saw my grave yeah I want to die now I quit Imma just play minecraft if you need me yeah um Im dead inside now… @InfamousX Take care of the guild for me will you :slight_smile: :gun:
Oh yeah my mule umm I might just let it die…
umm my main fk it imma just get the char slot and slowly die

Lost whole old mg set, my only resu only gem last pixie, deca manor key, (don’t care abouts) cutlass,2 as$’ csword, backpack.
I already left Expert…

The Death Thread





well i said die and then i said the n word and i got perm banned tried to appeal but to no avail imma go play minecraft. I lost so much its basically no use going back on my alt.


perma banned for saying the nword


Don’t believe everything you hear on the internet :slight_smile:


yes, big oof

it would be a shame if i said NI - ce guy


lmao xD
good point yo got there