The Farewell Thread


“Muh offensive” fekin libtards everywhere smh :upside_down_face:

Meme Thread

“I can’t say blatantly [x]-ist words anymore, the fact that we no longer live in a time where I can be blatantly [x]-ist towards someone without any consequences is therefore absolutely terrible”
It costs approximately zero (0) effort to think of any better insult than a slur.

In fact, the most threatening insults are ones that are as surreal as possible, to confuse the reader and throw them off so much they’ll lose any and all sight of the conversation ^u^


lol everyone who quit, you can find me on hypixel skyblock sometimes that’s where im spending my time these days


also rip everyone is quitting and playing minecraft lul rotmg is too stale for me so i need a break of at least 1 month-5 yrs


I said the n word why didn’t I get banned? :frowning:
btw minecraft is the way to go
(This was during my rage)


imagine Deca banning people who said slurs while not banning hackers.


Im a hacker man ban me >:( (tbh I might actually do a ppe and not quit but Im still thinking about quiting)
but then again minecraft is better and I might do a hardcore minecraft world because why not…


Heteraabd has been banned before for hacking.


yeah but he got banned right away when saying something bad, while when hacking, it took months for him to get banned. The point is many hackers get away with it, even if you have a clear video or image of them hacking. Plus you can appeal to get unbanned if you were hacking.


I guess it’s cuz Deca is apparently having a a stricter enforcement of the ToS now.


You use a point that was before Deca has talked about their new policies. I assume he was banned not just because of the profanity, but because whoever did it also took in account of his past transgressions


So if Im reading between the lines if I go onto a hack client and get a picture I can get rid of this awful curse called rotmg?


Wait hold up can you give me some hookups? I kinda got set back when they set it to only VIPs


You can actually get banned like that? Well then you know what I’m going to do…


smh when saying racial slurs gets you banned but outright hacking and exploiting flaws in the game to destroy the economy takes forever to get banned for.



Hey all ^^

@Doc can u unban, ziqpyk btw.




Done, Doc hasn’t been on for almost a year btw


That makes me sad :c