The Farewell Thread


That makes me sad :c


That really sucks! :frowning:


Ok so I have gone into a really depressed state and want to delete everything so I would like to be banned for at least 2 months for now @Shatter. @InfamousX Don’t put this on you. You never did anything wrong. I will also miss @Ecookied for being a cool epic man and also You matter. Hope everyone to have a great life and to grow up into a great person.

I also lied to wilhuff about something, but I doubt he goes on the fourms to see this, but don’t dm him this otherwise I might actually Kms. Edit: Nvm he does well anyways…

Farewells are never happy, but don’t remember the bad times remember the good times.


Also, sorry to hear that.


I guess it’s my time too.
Although some people knew already, I’m actually GGaod’s alt account. I decided to get banned and went to an alt account to see what it would be like if I didn’t have the background of being “GGaodzilla”. It was kinda cool for a while, but in the end I think my personality leaked through. A slow realization of me being me and recent events on the RE discord made me think for a bit.
So I guess this is the end of the forumer “DeIusional”, but the part 2 of the forumer “GGaodzilla”.
@Shatter plox unban main account

unbanned - Shatter






bruh moment why is everyone quitting dis









Well, you probably saw this coming. But I think its time for me to take another break. I don’t know how long but its gonna be a while. I will come back to forums but for now.
@DivineOryx I’m sorry if you feel hurt by me, you were a great friend and the most trusted person I’ve known. I hope you feel better soon. I uwu you.
@DeIusional After all the conflict we had, you were a great friend and I uwu you too.
@Diamondest @Ecookied @AKLdragon @Arexrew are pretty epic people and good friends.
@GammaGamer thank you for making my grave if you remember, you are also a epic person.
@Wilhuff don’t worry, I will still make deals with the mafia… But thank you for the advice and being a good friend.
I miss @Redox and I wish I can kidnap him again…
I am missing some people but thank you and I had a great time with you guys.
But @Darkawaiii all I can say is ‘k’ and your a good friend and uwu you too.
I will still use discord and continue talking in RE Discord
Prob play realm sometimes but I’m not gonna use forums unless for updates/etc


bruh another one

its happening again


no, you stay


It’s an epidemy !





this is a bruh moment


oh no

I need to hide now



totally did not steal this from @Craftable

No, I can do better.


@InfamousX NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hope everything goes well.