The Farewell Thread


the thing I found funny was Niegil posting the video only 12 minutes after it was posted on youtube lmao


“Plenty of people” can mean a lot of things. In my case, I meant it to refute your point of saying that everyone who is getting hacked is because of the cc leak.

It was my mistake of using “plenty of.” I should’ve just said “people” to make it a little more clear.

BUT, I’d also like to point out that you blatantly said that everyone getting hacked was because they hacked themselves. You don’t need to have a big brain to know that I was trying to disprove your point.
so who’s the stupid one now
but seriously, I thought it would have made it obvious enough


Welpers, I was gonna quit after the unity port came out, but I don’t think I’d have the drive to bother at this point. Real shame, since realm was one of the games I played alot, but ironically, I only have apathy for the game now. But im moving on to “better” things, putting more work into what I like such as [coding a shit game], and just not being a [no life].

So yeah, I’m really not good at saying good byes, but you’ve all been great, so I’ll probably still be somewhat active on the forums, but you probably wont see me on the game anymore, with the exception of the unity beta possibly, then probably never.

I regret everything :joy:

indeed @Heteraabd


very wholesome


happy no more jam !!


Did you…
Did you just come back on the forum to celebrate not being on the forum?


yep. I waited a whole year just for this moment

and now i disappear again until next year


I never seen someone so devoted




ppe btw lel xd


…and he’s back!


Damn havent been here or on rotmg in like a year and I still get the feels reading all the messages.


Welcome back.


I just got back on from nearly a year of being off and it felt surreal looking at all the posts out, with who is still regular and who isn’t and what not


I might as well do a farewell since I am not going to be on realmeye as often as I was before.

Bye it was a nice community, If you ever see me in a game say hi <3


Okay bye


This place is kind of dead but @moderators I would like a one-week ban in order to be more prepared for finals and whatnot.

Seeya later :heart: :wave:


accidentally gives 10 week ban


Got grounded for the whole school year over a D I got in english, and my dad is very strict and vigilant when it comes to grounding, and he hates video games, like, a lot, way more than most parents.

Technically speaking this isn’t a game and thus not what I was grounded from, but he worked with computers for 20 years and knows how to use them, so I am blocked off from the wifi entirely and thus will have little time to actually use the forums

@Orsome this is why I haven’t been able to RM recently, couldn’t tell you because I couldn’t get on Discord


How does he restrict your wifi? Don’t you have mobile data and a phone? If he’s somehow blocking u you might try