The Farewell Thread


Honestly after reading all this I feel like rotmg is like a drug that you can’t stop using

i don’t think i’m supposed to think that

honestly if you are reaching a point in life where you really can’t play games anymore then you should just stop and hopefully come back when you are done


I did the same thing except it was a 4 point assingment :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps for some people.
I consider myself fortunate that I have never been addicted to RotMG. It has become quite a part of my life in the past few years, but I wouldn’t say I ever fell into the deep abyss that many others experience.

Indeed you are not. Something like RotMG, a mere game, shouldn’t be compared with something as serious as drugs.

Agreed. A game is just a game – a digital platform for entertainment. You should be able to stop whenever you feel like it. If you are unable to quit, you’ve fallen victim to addiction. At that point, there is something wrong.


I dunno. I was pretty addicted at one point, but i just decided to quit one day and never came back. Even with the new updates, which I admit lured me a lot, I was able to resist my temptation


Felt the opposite for me. Ever since the alien updates popped up, I wanted to pretend I never knew RotMG.


I still pretty much log the same amount of time, but I use a lot of it teaching noobs and giving stuff to them


Hey do you want items I do the same as you do :wink:




@KMOELITE has quit :frowning: he might be on for unity, so say your goodbyes


Originally wasn’t planning on saying anything, but here we go.

For starters, I’d like to say I completely agree with RMGnoob’s sentiment. Personally, I admit I have found him to be aggravating or condescending at times, but ultimately, he does bring up good points and he does mean well. Speaking from personal experience, its just a real shame and a pity that the general population of the forum don’t want to hear a second opinion, they don’t want to accept something that isn’t what they believe.

Two years ago, I joined this forum. I genuinely believed it was a great place for discussion of a game we all play, a better, more mature platform than Reddit. I felt I wanted to be apart of something, I felt the forums were different than the general player base in this game’s less than desirable community. And for a time, I felt I was right in that belief. But at the same time, looking back, I was blind. Or as RMGNoob so eloquently states, a ‘chantartd that thinks circle-jerking on discord is the most badass thing ever.’

In the fall of 2018, a particular incident occurred on the forums. I’m sure some of you still recall it. At the time, I was more the ‘new guy’ who just lurked or posted a joke here and there, never really getting involved in the community. And here…here I thought I had an opportunity to establish myself as someone who could be a reasonable authority. Back then, I was a bit younger, more arrogant, proud, and carefree. I should’ve stopped at the first post. I had made my point succinctly clear, I was doing my best to resolve the particular situation. But as it continued, I admittedly ended up jumping the bandwagon and pressed on with relentless posts, posts that I thought were ultimately for a good purpose, for what I believed was the right thing to do. But looking back, I know that wasn’t it. I wanted glory. I wanted instant praise and recognition. And for a time after, I was sated by that veil, the feeling of belonging in a community. I was wrong.

I am a rat in a cage. But only now do I see the bars. For a time after that, as I said, I was sated by a feeling of conformity, a sense of belonging so to speak. I remember when Orsome made his forumer appreciation thread. Definitely a fantastic addition to the forums. Also had quite an adverse effect, I must admit. I was not expecting to be mentioned at all. I was barely anybody. And then came a multitude of tags from multiple people I had respected and considered the ‘big names’ all the guys who usually posted on the forums. I was praised for my handling of that incident months prior along with having a more ‘mature’ demeanor than most users. And me being an arrogant ass then, it went to my head. I decided I had to continue, continue ‘policing’ things, to keep things in a way I wanted them to be. I wanted the forums to be better than reddit, which I found disgusting given all the ‘shitposts’ and comments that added nothing substantial except, ‘Show nudes plz’ or ‘F’. I felt the necessity to preserve the integrity and maturity of the platform. But…who am I?

For most of 2019, I strove to integrate myself with the community. I wanted to know these people I respected, my fellow forumers. Mistakes were made on both sides, mine and their’s. One thing led to another and I feel that a certain aspect of respect was lost when I tried to integrate myself with the community more. Some…unfortunate circumstances occurred, slowly leading to my disillusionment with the realmeye community. But regardless, I was still blind to my own ego. I continued doing as what RMGnoob said, ‘acting as a voice of reason’, albeit I wasn’t exactly the best at it and tended to be a lot more prone to condescending remarks than RMGnoob, partially due to personal experience prior. Really the final breaking point for me was a particular incident that I was press-ganged into towards the last quarter of 2019. Tried my best to keep things under control and under wraps, but unfortunately, the aggregators chose to disregard my advice and suggestions, and as I expected, things not only got worse, but they spilled out into the public. And during this time, I’m getting older, my personal work and responsibilities are getting higher and higher; I no longer had the energy or interest to continue getting involved in these petty squabbles. I should’ve stepped down. But I didn’t yet. It would take another grievance to finally open my eyes to the reality that the forums are not mine to dictate what is right or wrong. I’m not above anyone else on this platform and as much as I can try to move things in a direction I would view as favorable, its ultimately in the hands of the people. Its their course to chart, mistakes and all. After all, mistakes are what makes us human. We aren’t machines that can be programmed to act exactly in a certain way because one person wants them to act as such. Everyone needs to be able to make their own choices, right or wrong

I apologize to those I hurt on this forum with my less than desirable behavior in the past, you know who you are. It was another life, one I would rather leave behind in the past. I acknowledge this post may be more about myself than RMGnoob, but really, his last post was definitely the push I needed to finally make this post. I definitely don’t feel like the realmeye forum is that ‘magical place’ I thought it was 2 years ago anymore. I agree with RMGNoob’s sentiment. The only way to be a better person is to really leave all this chaos and drama behind. It was enjoyable 2 years ago, but really by now, its lost any semblance of novelty. Not entirely going to quit the forums; still got that comic on life support to work on, but I’m for sure scaling back my involvement in the community to focus more on myself and those in life that I’m close to. Thank you.


The game got slowly boring over time so i guess I’ll leave the actual game for a while, maybe for good


I’m surprised RMGnoob’s farewell thread derailed so quickly. People really just seem to love getting into heated arguments at the worst times.


@RMGnoob @Wilhuff I’ll miss you both, hope you come back some time :frowning:


Wilhuff hasn’t left, just less active.


gimme rmgnoob back D:<


i only just saw his farewell thread now :frowning:

never got to say goodbye or thank you ;-;


@Doc @OtherBill
come back


Doc is alive, on the forums, and for OtherBill i have absolutely no idea.

Guess our newborns hasn’t been sacrificed enough ?


I’m just glad you returned to the forums! I saw you in-game a few times during your voluntary ban, but for some reason you were the forumer I remembered most from my first introduction to Realmeye.


Doc just… lurks now