The Farewell Thread


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Honestly after reading all this I feel like rotmg is like a drug that you can’t stop using

i don’t think i’m supposed to think that

honestly if you are reaching a point in life where you really can’t play games anymore then you should just stop and hopefully come back when you are done


I did the same thing except it was a 4 point assingment :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps for some people.
I consider myself fortunate that I have never been addicted to RotMG. It has become quite a part of my life in the past few years, but I wouldn’t say I ever fell into the deep abyss that many others experience.

Indeed you are not. Something like RotMG, a mere game, shouldn’t be compared with something as serious as drugs.

Agreed. A game is just a game – a digital platform for entertainment. You should be able to stop whenever you feel like it. If you are unable to quit, you’ve fallen victim to addiction. At that point, there is something wrong.


I dunno. I was pretty addicted at one point, but i just decided to quit one day and never came back. Even with the new updates, which I admit lured me a lot, I was able to resist my temptation


Felt the opposite for me. Ever since the alien updates popped up, I wanted to pretend I never knew RotMG.


I still pretty much log the same amount of time, but I use a lot of it teaching noobs and giving stuff to them


Hey do you want items I do the same as you do :wink:




@KMOELITE has quit :frowning: he might be on for unity, so say your goodbyes