The Farewell Thread


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I quit playing realm (and multi-player games in general) last March; I still play some games now but they’re all single-player; less addictive, less competitive, and less time investment.

I primarily quit to focus on studying for the MCAT. Games like realm were taking up too much time when I had an exam like that to deal with. I did well on the exam, but I’m going to have to take a gap year before medical school anyway because of how much time I spent in college on video games over extracurriculars.

I started playing the game when I was still in 8th grade, on 1/10/12. It was a completely different game back then… you were maxed out at 7/7 rather than 8/8. Ocean trenches and guilds weren’t a thing. I remember playing manor of the immortals and forbidden jungle on public testing. I usually get the urge to play once every few months and start playing again for a few days, but can’t get into it because it’s just not the same game that it used to be.

I made a few friends from the game, mostly on the old #rotmg IRC, but don’t keep in contact with any of them. I think that it’s for the best… I quit the game to focus on real life, not so I could talk to friends that I made because of the game.

I’m not sure if I regret starting, but I regret letting the game take up so much of my life. There really was nothing like that early period when Wild Shadow still owned the game, as cliche as that sounds, but there’s no going back to that now.

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