The Farewell Thread




Quick ! Put him in a cage before he escapes again !


This is the farewell thread, please use the introduction thread for introduction purposes.

But glad you’re alive :slight_smile:


I’m probably leaving Realm behind for good. Or at the very least, I doubt I’ll ever play regularly again.

Seeing this post, you guys might think “hey I haven’t actually seen a proper response from Orsome in a while”. Or maybe you haven’t, it doesn’t matter either way. Point is, the reason is that RotMG doesn’t interest me in the slightest anymore. There are too many flaws that I have now been able to recognise; a dev team that makes empty promises, a ridiculously small chance to get sidegrades to items that can be lost in an instance, boring grinding for stats, a broken ‘pet’ system that’s just disguised upgradeable health and mana regen, and a lack of content. I rarely touch the game anymore, and when I do, I love playing it until I get reminded of several reasons as to why I dislike it, whether it’s permadeath or getting extremely bored of watching the same old tiles scroll by for several hours to get a single point increase in a stat. I used to think “well maybe I’m just in a bad mood and it’s just my fault for not liking certain aspects of the game”, but I’ve realised those are actual, genuine flaws with an otherwise unique and fun game.

I might stick around on the forums, but I’m not sure I will ever be as active again. It’s been a great few years but I feel that I have to really cut back on how much this game matters to me.


As much as I would rant, or talk bout my ideas, guild, or whatever, I don’t have time right now.
Will probably stay on the forums and give advice to new players, but every fairy tale has its end.


not exactly a good writer, but maybe I’ll write something more “meaningful” later.


I’m not really playing realm recently but don’t think the forums will be safe, you cant get rid of me


so for some reason people are posting that they’re not playing realm but that they’ll still be on the forums

hi i don’t play realm but im on the forums

edit: may or may not be foreshadowing for my actual farewell post

edit: wow! i didn’t expect this comment to blow up! thanks for all the upvotes, reddit!


I’m not playing realm and will be leaving the forums indefinitely. Here is why.

I’m both bored and sick+tired of being flagged to death. I understand this is my fault to some extent, I know of my reputation on the forums. My frustration is due to the fact that the vast majority of genuine comments or points that I try to make are flagged out of existence because of this. When I shitpost, I expect it to be flagged to oblivion/removed. When I make an actual point, it’s annoying for me to be essentially censored and removed from the conversation. There’s immediately a bias against anything I post, which is incredibly frustrating.

In essence, I’m being targeted, which is again partially my own fault, I know that I’ve painted a target on myself. I understand that I don’t follow every single forum rule about posting replies when I do, but neither does almost anyone else, which is to be expected and is totally acceptable in my humble opinion, yet it seems like my posts are the most consistently flagged ones. Might just be me, but I’m confident there are individuals who would agree with this sentiment.

Secondly, I’ve been on the forums since basically their inception and I’ve seen the culture change drastically. It went from discussion with folks that were largely unbothered by someone rude or coarse (fun and cool) to overblown sappy individuals unable to tolerate even the slightest bit of real conversation or quip (incredibly annoying and frustrating)

The part that bothers me most is that I see the forum’s primary demographic is now these people who are so, so asinine and saccharine. Nothing wrong with positivity, but when it gushes out from every single hole and pore constantly it seems so incredibly fake it’s nauseating and borderline infuriating. What’re you compensating for with that image? Why do you feel the need to appear genuine in that act?

Because of this, I’m leaving the forums and I don’t plan to be back. I’m not accepting any constructive criticism, or criticism at all regarding my behavior or this post because I will Simply Not Read It Or Respond To It™️

To all the OGs who are still around and don’t mass flag, mad respect.

To all the high functioning mongoloids that desperately try to squeeze serotonin and oxytocin from a money hungry RNG simulator and vehemently oppose shitposting or any kind of off topic le funny on the forums, remove stick from ass, bang against rock like the ape you are.


Hey Jam, just dropping by to say i’m not sorry to see you go. Perhaps that seems rude or coarse (if so then it shouldn’t bother you, doubly so if you won’t read this), but I am of the opinion that if you aren’t happy spending time here then there’s no reason to stay. Kind of like the Reggie mantra of “if it’s not fun, why bother?” but I digress. We all stay happy and sane in our own ways and I hope you find some benefit from leaving the forums. Best of luck down the road!

As for anyone else reading this who doesn’t plan on leaving, I thought I’d add a few points myself - not to specifically detract from their post but rather to offer a differing opinion on forum use. While, yes, I am not an old user of the RealmEye forum (and thus cannot speak to any culture shifts) I think we all need to ask ourselves the why and how of what we say online. Let me say with no obscurity: Being nice to someone is not something to be ashamed of. Don’t worry about seeming fake - you’re only faking it if you say nice things to be mean.

In the above post I see someone frustrated with how they see other people and with how they see themselves. I see this because I have been this same person in the past. If you are hurt, disenfranchised, or singled out for how you act, you always have the choice to find help and make amends. Hope everyone is staying sane during the pandemic too, it has certainly been hard on me.


Just a tid bit on the flags.

mods review flagged post not flag them ourselves. (generally, example below)

unfortunately due to your reputation people seem to flag your post a good bit more easily than other users.


Well I think that you’re wrong and stupid and misguided and that its overall better for the community that he left!




and so is born thatsmyjam 2.0


Wtf why would someone flag this lol


Because that is spamming the same text.


So I was flagged because I repeated a word and thats spam?


Explain this then.


Emphasizing surprise.


Except that contains a barrage of f-nukes.


Bad words are allowed in this forum.