The Farewell Thread


I know, but that was a bit too much though.


Can we get the opinion of a mod or leader or smthn here


I was the one that flagged it, use common sense.


Why do you feel like your opinion of them is fact?
You don’t know them. You have no right to assume anything like this. My personal experiences in the past 2(?)ish months have taught me that no matter how obvious or logical your opinion about someone else may seem to you, there’s always another piece to the puzzle: the other person.

And you also say this under the assumption that being constantly positive/friendly (saccharine) is a bad thing?

I have the opinion that, unless the said person is a prick, being excellent to people in casual conversation should always be the default. Even if I’m feeling down, there’s no reason that I should try to make other people feel the same way, even if it means trying to fake positivity. If I really dislike someone, I tend to try to not speak/argue/insult them because trying to make someone feel down (even if I really dislike them) just isn’t my style. I’d rather just not speak with them and let my negative thoughts for them stay with me.

Also a side note: I’m not the one flagging your posts. It is quite literally not worth the time or effort to hold a grudge for your childish behavior.

DECA has broken me.
This may seem pretty melodramatic, but I’m honestly beyond the point of caring if I’m seen as a whiny bitch. This company has gone far beyond what I expected to harm the game I knew some years ago to the point even Kabam seems like a good company in comparison. I’m absolutely fed up now if I wasn’t before.

The absurd amount of events was just the start of everything. They funneled more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, to the point that it feels like doing events is the only way to get items anymore. Not just to myself, there’s plenty of people I’ve seen that feel the same way about that. It’s only gotten absurdly worse now, with there basically always being an event running, and it infuriates me that this game has become so fueled by them that they’re more of a cash grab on the surface than the likes of EA. Hell, even their chests are stupid; the old ST sets have boxes that just say “(Class) ST Box”, while the new ones are referred to by set name instead, which is manipulative advertising if I’ve ever seen it.

Then it became a lot of the new items, much like the proc effect ones and things like Hirejou Tenne. There wasn’t any sort of attempt to balance out most of these, and for every single case, they are either absolutely horrible or nearing the point of breaking the game. This was especially true for a lot of the Alien stuff, then the armor from the new Huntress Set and the Helm from the new Warrior Set. It got collectively harder to bear these terrible attempts at balance with how much I’ve dealt with balance in the past.

And now we have Oryx’s Sanctuary. This dungeon is absolutely jam-packed full of items that are meta defining all on their own with a single exception that I found, that being the ring for the Priest set. The tiered items? Who cares about any of them outside of the dagger? All of them are absolutely nuts, and quite a lot of them just straight up replace completely different classes, like the Tome which does so much damage I think someone added an extra 0 and forgot to take it off but just kept it in there anyways. In case you’re wondering, a maximum Wisdom build on a Sorcerer while using Scepter of Devastation is 600 Damage LESS than this Tome, AND IT STILL HEALS. The Wand does more damage than Sword of Majesty on Paladin when it’s used on a PRIEST. On Sorcerer, with good gear, it can beat a maximum DPS Warrior LITERALLY FOREVER. And that isn’t even mentioning all the other meta game breaking items like everything in the Knight set, the Armor that makes Rogues able to permanently be cloaked, the Katana that outright replaces Celestial, a Star that’s just absurdly powerful to the point it could probably replace Knight almost entirely, another Armor that turns Tenne into a little wimp when you have Healing, a ring that out-DPSes Crown while being infinitely better for surviving, a Spell that does 10K DAMAGE, and so much more. It physically is hurting my brain trying to deal with how severely unbalanced all of these are, and the dungeon is coming out TODAY.

I cannot handle DECA’s antics beyond this point. Time after time, I’ve wanted to wait and maybe see if they’d try and handle things better, but they’ve gotten progressively worse and worse. This is the breaking point. I cannot stomach playing this much more, and I refuse to. I’m only going to be playing until my Mystic is either completed or dies trying, and then I’m done. I’m over all of this. It’s too much.

And no, I won’t be posting on the Ideas Section either, for multiple reasons. The main one being that people steal things from there, as I’ve pointed out in my public announcement, but also because I’d rather not even bother with the chance that DECA would use some of my ideas whether they ask or not. Also, I’m not going to reply to anything here, so don’t waste your time.

One More Time (Updated)
One More Time (Updated)

Well, they do drop from the endgame of the endgame. Power creep is inevitable, and given the super locked away status of the dungeon, would you’ve rather gotten items that are maybe a bit better than some UTs?


Well I see what u mean. But I agree with OP. I want good items to drop when I kill O3, dont I? But what I dont want is a fucking Priest to out dps melee classes with just a wand. No specific build. No 900 wisdom Tome of Pain (ToP will soon turn into FP if the (new) Tome stays as is). No nothing, just a wand that out dpses 8/8 melees who have to get close and personal to be able to deal respectable damage.


You mean the wand with incredibly slow projectiles that also sacrifice wand classes’ ability to pierce, as well as a fair bit of range?

Having played around with it, it was certainly very powerful, but it eventually got nerfed to its current state.
And aren’t there plenty of possible examples to outdamage melees? Plus, what about their self buffs?


‘‘What about their self buffs’’. Thats not even valid anymore. I can easily get perma damaging on a necromancer. I remember shaitan skull gives berserk on self for 3 seconds. Well lets exclude that, not all classes have self buffing abilities, but whenever I use my ability as a paladin, I buff everyone 5 tiles around me. I aint selfbuffing. I have to run away from the group to apply buffs just to myself. I can say id buff more than half of the group while sitting at optimal range for dps in most cases.

And lets be honest, who cares about pierce? What are u gonna do with that wand? Clear Godlands? No. Almost ALL bosses have no minion spawns of all, and if they do they’re minimal and usually spawn during invulnerability phases so its not like I get cockblocked by his minions and I cant hit the boss


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He is back.


am i really the only person who doesn’t give a bingus about the o3 whites, and only wants the tops? anyway, these are all fair problems with deca and its sad to see they cant compromise between different playstyles/sides of the community.


goodbye foreverd this is far as i can go,for a f2p is fine at least yes this is the end.


is davy furry?no he isnt



There’s more that comes here, but that’s for one person alone, for now.



Quitting forums too?


@Campfires :heart:

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You’re leaving Skyslurp? Sad to see ya go ;-;
Stay safe out there boi!

Didn’t know I was worth getting a sole mention upon someone leaving UwU :heart:


Well, here goes nothing. I am officially quitting realm. I have enjoyed hanging out with you guys on the forum. :slight_smile: But I have not been having fun playing RotMG lately. The game has interfered with my school, my mental health, and other activites of mine. I am trying to graduate high school at the age of 16 and realm is just a massive and unneeded distraction. Plus I have never gotten an 8/8. :laughing: I feel like this is the right decision to make. I will probably never return to realm. There is a lot of things in life that are more important than videogames! So this is it, my journey has come to an end. Yall guys are amazing! I will keep yall in my prayers!


Edit: I will probably stay on the forums for a bit and then slowly fade away. I also will play through MotMG before I completely quit.


rest in peace flash, it was fun while it lasted