The Farewell Thread


Vital Combat was the last straw that sank my hope for DECA and their ability to appeal to not just one, but all playstyles.
This might sound contradictory, but atleast hear me out.

As a long time player, from 9+ years ago (not that i long the content design of those days, as alot of content, mainly Sanctuary and everything after it, undoubtedly demolishes the design quality) to now, hoping to one day see a meta with the overwhelming steamrolling power of players balanced out and with the option to experience challenge and thrill long lost in endgame dungeons while still retaining a fair and consistent reward, without a need for the massive death-mobbing of raid discords, Vital Combat was something to highly anticipate, and yet… the execution didn’t deliver.

The fundamental issues with pets are still largely unnadressed, as a high vitality stat, and/or some exaltation, is all you need to effectively fully bypass these… fairly milquetoast pet nerfs, let me explain: The In-Combat timer is easily lowered to about 2 seconds or even less by a melee with a Sandstone Seal buff and Exaltations grinded, without even needing to sacrifice anything significant, Fungal Armor entirely optional. There is absolutely no base nerf to divine pets’ absurdity, nothing noticeably changes with enough vit; not only that: There is no softening for F2Ps of the extreme costs but a temporary event, Appetizer, there is also nothing done about the overt dominance of Heal and Magic Heal over all other abilities, nor the disproportionate strength a good pet provides for rolling over lower to mid tier dungeons mindlessly in the process of maxing a new character. Another significant factor worth mentioning is Mseal, whose already arguably tame nerf has been softened by tiered lute group buffs and the addition of defense scaling the minimum IC activation damage. Their constant addition of more and more buffs without any sort of mechanical or atleast alot of individual overhauls to ensure groups can’t effortlessly maintain all of them at once is another case of questionable, quite sloppy lack of consideration for something that either slipped past, or they never truly cared about.

This, in combination with Exaltation requiring thousands of these dungeons, far too much to still enjoy them by the end of it all, and providing an even shorter In-Combat timer, it became overwhelmingly likely of a thing to consider that DECA never cared, or atleast wouldn’t be willing to cut enough of their profit, to go about providing such an option for a harder, more fast paced experience mentioned earlier. Having done the endgame dungeons after these changes, only Lost Halls and Sanctuary significantly changed, while Nest, Fungal Cavern and everything below endgame… remained fairly unnafected.

This is not a decision made out of hate for the people who prefer the way DECA has made things, simply disliking the direction led to by majority preference, right? Yes, however, please consider the game’s widespread categorization as a “permadeath bullet hell MMO” across all official sources, many a large minority including myself came, even if not all stayed, exactly for this, and while this could coexist in harmony with the more laidback and slow, time consuming, loot farmer gameplay we have nowadays, DECA has failed in that conciliation as far as balance and simultaneous viability is concerned. And all the time we’ve sunk, along with the lack of similar titles to migrate to, that aren’t derivative and rather lazy, worsens this too; so for us there’s no good reason left to stay unless something drastic happens, please understand. While the changes required to address and satisfy both playstyles in a satisfactory manner are still possible if you give the benefit of the doubt and assume that the developers do care about our large minority, they seem too uncharacteristically… drastic? For DECA, and i don’t expect anything similar in the slightest, but in some extremely unlikely case a DECA designer reads this, please consider this feedback, you can make whatever you make of it:

1 - The Realm Rework as a top priority, and particularly involving making Realms competitive with keys in terms of the overall reward, if you’re active in them and their dungeons, by whatever means that could be done;
2 - Perhaps if keys are too much of a necessary form of monetization, a use that isn’t almost exclusively for large scale raiding, like increasing the drop rates of a portal in a Realm;
3 - Actually reworking pets, and please consider a way to make divines truly balanced, it can be done even without losing money, here’s my take on it:

  • Common pets are now stronger, but now each pet tier is a lower increase to the base Heal and MHeal, say, max commons at 10 HP/sec and 5 MP/sec, each max pet tier increasing that by 10 and 5 respectively, up to 50/25 at max divine, with rebalancing to class ability strength if needed;
  • More viable pet ability types;
  • More F2P pet food;
  • Changing Armor Exaltation to something less overtly gamechanging;
  • Some sort of scaling of your pet strength depending on your character maxing, as to prevent these more easily obtainable legendaries and divines from trivializing much content.

4 - Balancing Mseal, this is obvious, replacing the effect of course, as another defense group buff is simply unneeded and iffy due to massive defense’s capacity to snowball into overpoweredness;

5 - Please, this is probably the 2nd most important piece of feedback after the Realm Rework, rebalance (mainly), late and endgame content difficulty, so that Sanctuary isn’t miles, miles harder than all other content combined except for maybe Marble Colossus there are a plethora of reasons to do this, but the most important are that:

  • It leaves players unprepared for Sanctuary and makes it stick out like a sore thumb, and not in a good way for the game’s overall feel of engagement and balance;
  • Lots of content like Tezcacoatl, Insect Tribesman, many shots of Xolotl (suffers from other issues like initial unlearnability of survival phase too), most shots of LoD, most shots of Machine also suffers from getting its’ threat level drastically lowered by melee defense due to most bullets hovering around base 10 to 120 damage without armor pierce, a particularly large quantity or a major anti-tank debuff, and with even a little bit of Mseal? It plummets into an effective nonthreat immediately.
  • Cultist Hideout and Void Entity rely too much on overly punishing but really easy to avoid attacks, odd for a bullet hell;
  • Leucoryx, while on the easier side to dodge, can easily instantly kill many classes on his beam counters for even a single mistake, making him disproportionately punishing even for Sanctuary, while Beisa is much of the opposite;
  • There are other inconsistencies in difficulty but these are the most noteworthy.

Drop rates are obviously something that could also change again with this.

And until that thing happens, if ever, getting the character slot in this campaign will most likely be the most i feel any motivation to stay for, as having the option to enjoy what i came for is something nowhere near the horizon as far as today is concerned, thanks for the good memories, RotMG, but as you were made something effectively genre swapped and almost entirely irrecognizable, there’s not much left for me and others who came for the original premise, goodbye.

(Well, that turned out a wall of text, hope it’s atleast fairly readable and understandable)

Just a whole lotta polls
Just a whole lotta polls

I agreed with a lot of what you said in that wall of text, hopefully you’ll come back in the future when they add more content, but goodbye.


Hey all, i just wanted to let everyone know that i’ll probably either be quitting or not playing the game very frequently anymore. I realized that after i didn’t log on for a couple of days, the game really got stale. I’ll probably still be active on the forums, but just wanted to say goodbye to anyone i know in-game. Thanks to all of you for making the last year really fun.


Might as well put this angel here. I’ll say a prayer for you now… R.I.P


Very mundane reason: putting in a lot of time and not getting loot. Exaltations are so stupidly grindy that I can’t care when I get one. Playing for the ‘fun’ of dungeons isn’t really a thing after the first few. I just finished ~50 halls for the MBC event and got no whites. That’s a lot of time for me. Once again, very mundane: but what’s the point? It’s all RNG, one’s efforts in a dungeon don’t really build up towards an increased likelihood for good loot in the future. I just don’t know how to justify the ~25 hours I’ve put in the last few days with 0 items that I can have fun playing with. I have also lost all interest in running MBC’s in the future because I will always feel, ‘I couldn’t even get anything by no-lifing the event.’. It’s the first time I’ve run endgame dungeons outside of the daily quests. This is on top of spending 2750 fame on nothing but dyes earlier.

Sometimes there’s no grand reason. I don’t have some scathing analysis. I want to say it was a lot of fun - but it was not. Running Shatters is incredibly braindead. Marble Colossus is extremely tiring to run so much. I’ve spent the month before MotMG churning out PPEs, so I don’t really feel like grinding out the regular game - I was really looking forward to my endgame fix. Now I just feel unrewarded and betrayed. I will probably stick around a little longer for MotMG and then it’s goodbye for me. I just feel like I’m wasting my time, something I don’t when I play other games.

Oh, also… I have gotten to a point where I only seem to die to ‘cheap tricks’ or ‘instapops’. Losing characters can be part of the fun, but losing something you worked on for weeks without a real fight to some super fast ‘instapop’ enemy feels like I deserve better. I hope to return someday years later without cheap shot enemies to compensate for a lack of proper challenge (and a community that no longer glorifies lame design like that as difficulty).


goodbye game


goodbye dread


I couldn’t have said it better myself man.


I know how you feel, I went months (playing an hour every few days because I have work and classes to attend) without any good item drop or sense of progression; I only needed UTs and they’re all pure extreme RNG, and it frustrated me out of the game for some time.

UT crafting will help with this in the future.


Been gone for a few months and wanted to just say goodbye to you guys. ROTMG is that game that I go to for a few months when other games are feeling stale but ends up burning me out. It was fun during those covid months in the spring and summer where nothing was happening, but doing hundreds of halls takes a toll on you. I already beat o3 a few times, and that was the last thing that really interested me.


Well I have extreme doubts the system will satisfy you.

Sad to see mega go.


Care to elaborate?


Definitely need to take an indefinite break from rotmg, wish me luck

@XBookwyrmX yep, probably

so far (3/11) kinda been on and off but definitely not as much as I used to (like originally 5+ hrs a day), progress is progress I guess

18/11 have been back on the grind fml

11/12 think im on the verge of burning out but only time will tell


Don’t burn yourself out so much next time :frowning:

Best of luck, though! Sometimes a break is necessary, play or work wise. Possibly see you around in the future? :upside_down_face:


Well I think it’s finally time for me bid my farewell to the game. For the most part.

Honestly this post was a long time coming. I stopped playing this game very much for the last 2 years or so, only playing during events, pretty much. I doubt I played over 50 hours during the last year, and I really only came online to collect my daily rewards…Even then I’m pretty sure I missed 5+ days for the last 4-5 months, and all I had to do was refresh muledump(if your curious I’m pretty sure I missed like 7 days this month :p). Really just goes to show that I haven’t really been feeling up to play this game.

I do like the direction this game is going. I do like what Deca is doing right now. Unfortunately, I have no motivation to play.

As for the future, I probably will play again. Probably during Christmas, for a day or 2 maybe. I don’t think I will permanently stop playing, but I’m also pretty sure I won’t play consistently anymore. As for the forums, I will probably come on every once in a while.

It was fun while it lasted, but I think it’s time for me to move on.

Later gamers.

P.S. Shoutout to all my Beach Zone homies.


It always makes me sad seeing a ping for this thread. It doesn’t look like this is a super permanent farewell like some others, but don’t keep playing if it feels like a drudge! We’ll see you around. :smile:


Yeah honestly I don’t think I can completely say goodbye to the game lol. I’ve just been playing this game for so long it kinda feels wrong to never touch it again. Same with muledump interestly. Can’t bring myself to not refresh my accounts.
At least I can focus on school and other stuff. I’m very busy right now


Good luck with whatever lies ahead!


And with that, I am now the last somewhat active member of Beach Zone

Laser you’re definitely one of the first forumers I remember getting acquainted with and the times I played realm with you and got the white bags I was helping you grind for will be well remembered. It’s been a ton of fun playing with you.


Decided to finally quit this game. Sorcerer with blue hat construction set died to a stacked shot from O3 mobs on the path to mini-boss. Like who would have ever guess that singular looking shot can one-shot your 900+ HP sorcerer (pally buff). Already lost dragon set, that I also just got, and ogmur in O3 but I take responsibility for those. This death felt ruthless and kind of unfair to me and this was just one too many unfair deaths I could take. Besides, I’ve already peaked. I’ve gotten all the best items, some O3 whites, experienced various ST sets, without buying them, and did O3. There’s nothing left for me here.

This game was honestly like a curse to me.I kept coming back and spending hours playing this game because it is quite addicting and with the endless design of it, it truly devours time. I’m an aspiring full stack software developer so that really can’t exist for me to be successful. I’ve got this important interview coming up that could lead my life to a better one if I succeed and spending time playing rotmg won’t do that.

Played since Ammys were around. It was a good time I think but now there is no point. Posting my decision on here will also help me keep to my word that I will NEVER play this game again, even if no one really cares or sees this post.

With the addition of IoC/OoC, Rotmg gained a goldmine of potential and I hope that the devs will make the right moves with it. Goodbye realm.

I will NEVER play this game again. EVER.