The Farewell Thread


And with that, I am now the last somewhat active member of Beach Zone

Laser you’re definitely one of the first forumers I remember getting acquainted with and the times I played realm with you and got the white bags I was helping you grind for will be well remembered. It’s been a ton of fun playing with you.


Decided to finally quit this game. Sorcerer with blue hat construction set died to a stacked shot from O3 mobs on the path to mini-boss. Like who would have ever guess that singular looking shot can one-shot your 900+ HP sorcerer (pally buff). Already lost dragon set, that I also just got, and ogmur in O3 but I take responsibility for those. This death felt ruthless and kind of unfair to me and this was just one too many unfair deaths I could take. Besides, I’ve already peaked. I’ve gotten all the best items, some O3 whites, experienced various ST sets, without buying them, and did O3. There’s nothing left for me here.

This game was honestly like a curse to me.I kept coming back and spending hours playing this game because it is quite addicting and with the endless design of it, it truly devours time. I’m an aspiring full stack software developer so that really can’t exist for me to be successful. I’ve got this important interview coming up that could lead my life to a better one if I succeed and spending time playing rotmg won’t do that.

Played since Ammys were around. It was a good time I think but now there is no point. Posting my decision on here will also help me keep to my word that I will NEVER play this game again, even if no one really cares or sees this post.

With the addition of IoC/OoC, Rotmg gained a goldmine of potential and I hope that the devs will make the right moves with it. Goodbye realm.

I will NEVER play this game again. EVER.





rotmg in 4yrs “thems is fightin words”


Make sure to release your pet to make it final, if you haven’t. :slightly_frowning_face:
That’s probably the largest time (and for some, money) investment in the game.


Unfair? I have 16, yes you heard me, 16 7/8’s death just in this MotMG alone and I did not complain a single bit.

I hope your interview will be a success… if quitting RotMG really helps…


Honestly, it sounds like you are doing this because of other underlying reasons and that death was just the final straw. There is always a day where we walk away from something - either we grow out of it or we make the decision that our time is better spent elsewhere. I’m glad you are making a decision that you think is in your better interests and good luck on your interview.



Not complaining about deaths isn’t rly something to brag about, bc I remember you on purpose didn’t nexus because you wanted to learn o2 sun phase. You could have had no reason to complain, where it sounds like he did.


Sound like your problem, no need to go around putting down others because of it

Of course it will, it’s basically consuming his very soul, did you not read the post?


I’m sorry…

Yes I did…

That is correct.


i did not complain one bit

this is the 2nd time you’ve mentioned your deaths for no reason whatsoever, both to try to “outdo” someone.

Besides, why would you complain? all those deaths were in endgame dungeons, knowing you most likely solos. death is always close in those.


Yep. I released it. An almost maxed legendary (90 mheal and 88 heal). Invested (both time and money) in it for pretty much as long as pets has been around. But as long as I had something to come back to, then I would never really quit.


Everyone has their own thresholds, but you could say this was a way to rationalize my decision and put a stamp on it. And thank you it will. Any time not spent on rotmg can be spent on something productive, especially for my personal circumstance.


There is truth to that statement. I just started to feel like Sisyphus except I’m also Zeus telling myself to roll the boulder up, but I digress. And thanks. I do enjoy and appreciate anyone who replies or hearts my stuff. I just wanted to come and see if anyone did before leaving for good for curiosity’s sake. I won’t be coming back to the forums after this. Adieu.


Gives wholesome award
Oh wait this isn’t reddit




Yeah candy only hacks OR cheats but never at the same time.


hi forums! after one year of total complete silence I’m back again :slight_smile:

time to leave again until 2021


Welcome back and see ya next year