The Farewell Thread


And mods, while you’re on to that, move that and this to the Farewell Thread, please. Or not, if it’s unnecessary. I wouldn’t know >-<
Been a nice time with ya, DBiz. Till we meet again on the first of December!


It’s been fun.


I can tell

bye :hammer:


I am too


that’s a shame


Bye my most liked person!


idk tho forums b fun


I never formally left, so I felt like I should. I’ve had some good moments, some not so good moments on ROTMG. I spent a good portion of my life on this game, and at some point I lost interest. I’m not sure if any of you will miss me, and that is okay. New friends always come along the way in many different places. Also if I do ever pop back onto this game and you see me, I have a lot of things that I won’t be using such as Fairy plates and Decas. I don’t know if they still hold any value but if you see me on, then I won’t mind giving you one.

Also, I’m sorry for any problems I caused and I hope you can forgive me if not then I don’t blame you. :kissing_heart: I love you all. Stay safe and healthy,

Its been a nice journey…
~ DivineOryx


good luck wherever life takes you!


I know that you’ve been on unpleasant terms with other forumers before, but whenever I saw you in game you were always nice, so have a good one!


i will for sure miss seeing you on forums. take care!! :slight_smile:


just ran into a random, and he pm’d me this

farewell, i guess

Did Deca do something? AMD graphics card
Reconstruction Teasers

Ok wut? I just told you what I’ve been experiencing lol. Are you experiencing the same things? Deca will probably fix this soon. But I definitely do agree with you though. This trend has been going on for a while, and playing with consistent bugs is pretty tedious. They should really just take it slowly .-.


no no, i ran into your thread AFTER i was done playing… i screenshotted that to post in farewells thread, then saw YOUR thread

I wasn’t aware about this stuff until today… i also saw that reddit post that a lot of people are actually experiencing the same things to the point where the game is literally unplayable, and it makes me sad.


I love how my 4th most liked comment ever was the one where i said I was going to leave for 3 weeks


Welcome maybe back


eh kinda sorta back. I’m not going to be on very much now, and I don’t expect to get back regular


We’ve been missing you Dbiz!


I’m a bit late on this but best of luck to your future endeavors! I’ll always remember you as one of the OG realmeyers.


Ngl this thread is so sad to read :pensive: