The Farewell Thread


Why not have some fun with the process? Tbh its still too less but thats just me :slight_smile:

Does my ability to juggle between the forums and the game qualify me for that title?



Well, I figured out that was coming for quite a while.

This post marks the 3rd anniversary of my account and the day i’ll quit rotmg. This game brought me lots of fun, but it’s time to take a break. I’ve been too addicted to minecraft and terraria to play anymore. I will not leave this wonderful community and will never do, but i stopped caring about a game where everything is soft-locked behind discord. You will probably see me in game from time to time, sometime performing cube rituals. What’s the meaning of a game where you feel forced to collect daily rewards every single day?

Perhaps i will get struck by the rotmg curse and come back after a year or two, who knows? But as i said, i do not care anymore about this game.

Farewell my friends. :pray:







Gbye and have fun in these games! I trust they’re entertaining, and seriously more detailed gameplay-wise.


(P.S. I dropped “the” from the sentence for it being too long. I just sound more rustic, I suppose)
The timing of my final bounty was no mere coincidence. I received the piece 4 hours after this post. </3

Fare thee well, O supplicant, Herald of the Cubes!


Wait you have a newborn thats not sacrificed to realmeye?

@WaterPower Cubes do not sacrifice their children to the god of spheres. -Book

@XBookwyrmX Why did you hijack my reply? Come on man. -WP


By now you all probably know that I haven’t been playing the game at all recently. I am actually pretty proud of myself since I was pretty addicted for about 5 years, always needing to play and worry about the daily rewards, even when I was on vacations and all that. But I realized that school is more important that realm, but I do still play mc, cause that doesn’t feel boring when I can constantly build amazing things. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I am most likely quitting. There could be times when I log in to reminisce, or finally give away all my tradable. And to all the people I have met while playing in these 5 years, Thank you! You all made my enjoyment of the game last much longer, and I am happy to say that I am glad I met all of you, and if you ever want to talk about anything, you can message me on discord, Ecookied#2787. But for now, I’ll catch ya another time :wave: :heart:


my eyes are sweaty


Yeah same. I remember talking to you early on in my realm career and how u gave me stuff. I will always be appreciative of that! And I know its sad and how realm kinda was there for me while I grew up, and would always see people commenting on this thread and say they have decided to leave and never thought I would be doing the same anytime soon, but its time for me to give realm a very very long break. And I hope to talk to you or any of you in the future! :heart:
Also going on 6 years… wow


i’m so glad you remember, and that i made a positive change, even though it’s a little one! :heart:


that didn’t last long


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i’m sure you guys know that i’m way less active now, just like to formalise it. I’ll still respond to pings and read whatever thread’s on top of the pile, just not going to logon near every day. just wanted to put this down into words. if you want to contact me you can dm me at twitchy#0334 on discord.

suteki :thinking:


Alright… this post has been coming on for a while. Lately I’ve just been bored of realm and not at all motivated to play. If I do decide to play I’ll just go for a few minutes and get bored. Mainly though I’ve been getting into other games like Rocket League, and they are just more fun for me than RotMG. I will probably hang around the forums for a little bit, and read some stuff. I’m not sure how long this will go on for, I could decide to play again in a week or I could decide to play in a year, I really don’t know. I’m assuming that it will be a lot closer to a week than a year, but I’m going to see how long I can go without it. So, thank you all for giving me a lot of fun these past few months :smiley:


Gl in other games, it was nice having you on the forums


I’m probably going to leave the forums. After my terrible post that I thought would be helpfull and now I realise it was garbadge. I am currently in self pity for dumb shit I do. I might respond to things sometimes but honestly I feel better out of conversationns. Cya. Also my life is pretty much going down hiil since last month. Edit: I feel like i’m attention seekijg so don’t gige me any.


hey, we’ve all been there. take a break from everything for a day and just reflect on yourself, it’ll do wonders. bye for now.


Might respond to some posts if I feel that it is helpfull.


Sounds like you are going through a rough spot - you say that you think your life is going downhill? If you are noticing something like that, you should definitely look into getting some help. This site has some resources for finding help more long term as well as short term help if you need it. There is no shame in it, I’ve done it myself. Also, you are attention seeking, but in this case that’s good! If we reach out to others when we are in a bad spot, that’s called being human - we are made to communicate. Get the help you need.