The Forge renovation



I don’t have much of an opinion on most of the update, except I don’t at all understand why, on top of everything else, you need to find special tokens for forging STs? What was even the point of that? I’m cool with STs requiring the same type of gear type to forge, but…


Honestly, I’d be ok with these changes, as long as some of the dungeons are grouped together, such as fungal and crystal whites being in the same family, as well as lost halls and void (but not cult) are in the same family.

Say I want to forge a sword of the colossus, but I do not have any other mbc whites. However, I do have an armor of nil that I would be willing to use in the forge. I should be able to use it, as having the armor of nil means I have completed marble colossus fights.

On the flip side, though, having a marble colossus white does not mean you are able to complete voids, so perhaps the “void” family could be used as the same family lost halls whites, and the “crystal cavern” family could be used as the family requirement for fungal cavern whites.


Honestly a really bad change and a really good change depending on which classes you play. I personally think that this will just be annoying for people that play priest, unless the crystal and fungal whites are grouped, as from my own experience fungal whites are around 1/20, and no one wants to do 20 fungals for a single item. The classes this will affect the least, are classes that don’t rely on any whites outside of o3/shatters such as wizard or samurai but it’s still an unnecessary change that is just going to annoy endgame players; I’m not sure why deca added this.


do you speak sugondese?

i sure can’t wait to forge more items in realm of the mad god!


I do understand these changes and they’re arguably quite necessary and should perhaps have been inthere from the start. That being said, the ST part makes it almost feel like a permanent event with tokens to collect and trade in and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that.


Not a fan of yet even more tokens needlessly taking up inventory, but the rest is ok


Decker moment. Buy more storage slots :skull:


I am happy to see that this is in fact what deca did!


Me too, honestly, but I’m one to talk since I pretty much never use the forge.