The forge system was a problematic solution to bad RNG (Suggestions)


The problem:

The forge system was introduced as a “bandage” to a much bigger problem, which is that farming dungeons for specific items is not rewarding due to the drop rates being low and getting potions or tiered gear does not work as compensation for not getting a UT / ST, currently if you farm a dungeon for a specific item and you don’t get it then the run achieved nothing for you, and it just feels like your time was wasted.
It was very convinient when it came out, but because of it me, and all the people i know that play this game essentially stopped running dungeons for the items they want and just resort to crafting them.

I main Sorcerer, and before the forge came out, i had farmed around 150 Parasite Chambers for the Devastation Scepter, and from all of this boring grind i only managed to obtain a Terror spell. I asked other sorcerers that owned one what should i do and they all told me to give up and just wait for a event because that was the only way they had obtained theirs.
Once the forge came out, i could immediatly craft around 20 of them, and until today, i’ve made around 30 Scepters, and haven’t obtained a single one from the dungeon itself. This is compleatly insane.

Because of this feature, running dungeons for loot is compleatly pointless, is it currently better to farm dungeons with higher UT drop rates like candyland and manor for forgepower to craft the items we want instead of straight up farming those items from their source. and this sadly applies to every dungeon. With the forge system no one runs dungeons anymore for gear, we all just run them once for the mark and then craft them. This has made the game really really boring, as not only dungeons are more empty than usual, but the only activities for players now it to run dungeons for potions or for exaltations.

But it’s worse, the blueprints themselves don’t even drop from the dungeons that drop the items on them, and they for some reason contain multiple recipes, it makes no sense. Not even farming for blueprints requires me to farm specific dungeons. And a lot of recipes don’t even require marks, i want you to realise that you can make a Reef poison without doing a single Reef in your life, and it’s the most effective way of getting one.

Finally i want to add to the list of problems that having such a acessible source of UTs compleatly removes a big portion of the pain you get when your character dies and removes a lot of the excitement when you finally get a white bag, as instead of being excited for getting a item i just see it as forge power. When my sorcerer dies i can literally just craft all of his gear again, and in a way some of it is more easily acessible this way than tiered gear.

Easy and (personally) better alternatives:

It didn’t have to be this way, the game already has a Mark system, how hard would it be to just add marks to every boss and make them stackable, and then be able to exchange a certain quantity to get the item you want? This way you would still have to run the dungeons, but every time you don’t get loot you would feel that time wasn’t wasted. You could even make it so you need to use Fame aswell on top of the marks so fame could have more use than to just feed the pet. Even if you don’t like this solution the game has a system that keeps track of how many times you compleate a dungeon, so there is no excuse.

Both of these solutions use already existing features in the game, and would likely be way easier to implement than the forge was, so i trully don’t get it. The forge system even conflicts with the upcoming UT trade as it is now redundant to trade UTs as a lot of of people have already expressed in some posts, and in a way it even conflicts with the Pet feed system, as feeding the pet UTs worked as a sort of compensation for getting a UT you didn’t want, but now you have two compensation methods which personally is unecessary (however it’s not a big deal).


Around a month ago i decided i wanted the Court Magician Sorcerer Set and was only missing the ST chest and the ring, i’ve done around 250 Pups and have not yet gotten a ring, which is usually meant to be the most common piece of the STs, i have no desire to continue farming for it at all.

I doubt anything will change however, as players have already spent their money on the forge system, so even if DECA wanted they probably can’t just replace it, which is a shame because i miss casually farming dungeons for loot with random people as a break from exaltations and other more demanding activities. I would rather have a few Devastation Scepter that i really cherish and feel like i earned with hard work than a infinite amount of them ready to be crafted any time.

Sorry if the post was messy, i wrote this at 6 AM, but thank you for reading, i would like to hear your opinions because i don’t like feeling this way about the game and maybe i’m missing something.


I understand where you are coming from but I am afraid I completely disagree. The Forge is the best solution to being unlucky with your drops, as it lets you change a surplus of some items you’ve been lucky getting for the one(s) you’ve not been lucky getting. And the conversion rate is 3:1 or 4:1, effectively a tax to stop you just swapping one UT for another and back again daily.

Is it perfect? No. It seems far too easy to just do a lot of Manors or even Snake Pits to collect low level UTs and forge them into better ones you want. This is difficult to avoid though, in a game where grinding is a core mechanic there will always be a quickest path to farming forge fuel. And at least the red ore can only be gotten from top tier items.

And they seem to have forgotten about blueprints. After the initial burst of them there’s been some for Xmas, some Summoner UTs, but nothing else. According to Realmeye many exist in the game that don’t drop, the same few keep dropping. They should add STs to it too – in fact they make more sense as completing a set is often much more at the mercy of RNG.

I don’t think collecting stackable tokens, AKA a pity timer, makes sense. It makes the game much more of a grind, just about collecting tokens. Drop rates for white bags would have to fall, to stop too many UTs entering the game. It’s come up many times before as a solution to bad luck, but the Forge was what they came up with, so it seems very unlikely now it will happen.

As for UT trading I don’t see the point of it now we have the Forge. I guess it will benefit new/casual players more who get their first/an occasional white but don’t not one they want and don’t play enough to stockpile them for forging.


Thanks for the contructive reply.

My biggest problem with the forge is that it does not promote running the dungeon to get the item you’re looking for.
If i want a Parasite Scepter i run Para once and that’s it, as we both said the most efficient way to get forge power is by farming low level UTs, and this should definitely be adressed, i know at this point nothing is forcing me to farm these dungeons, but even without farming them i have more than enough forge power to craft wathever i want. The rate at which you casually get white bags now a days outweights the amount you consume for forging, and a lot of the most common ones are essentially useless outside of using them on the forge (Coral silk, ass, etc).
I should at least have a incentive to farm those dungeons, grinding should feel satisfying and for grinding to be satisfying it required you to feel that you’re being efficient, and the grinding that should be efficient should envolve the dungeons that drop the actual items, not manors and candylands.

Now a days i essentually only log in for exaltations or to help friends, i have no incentive to run any other dungeon for loot, and this is my main problem with the system.

Collecting tokens for exchange for items is essentially what we currently do, but instead of tokens we use other whites. I understand you like the freedom of being able to exchange the white bags you were lucky with for the ones you’re not being lucky with, and to a certain point i agree with this concept, but i feel like the problems it causes (not needing to farm dungeons) outweights it. I think it would make every dungeon run matter which currently it doesn’t if you don’t get loot.


I think that all there is to it, is that you lost the excitement, the mix of relief and joy you get when getting the Scepter of Devastation after a long, painful grinding.

You had to grind lots of parasites, but then forge came out and just robbed you of the deserved feeling of accomplishment you would have gotten from having it drop in the chambers. It didn’t feel right, you were getting tons of scepters and still were not satisfied.

But be grateful, friend: without forge, you might not have had a single devastation scepter. Unless you don’t care too much about the item itself…


And here is me who forged 4 Fallen but over 140+ MT and not a single actual Fallen…


I feel that, I’m slowly trying to get the whole grotesque sorcerer set. I remember when I was farming for bulwark, you feel so strange but so good running the dungeons and killing things, and then you see it drop. Its a feeling like none other, so I understand why @MiguelOliv is a bit frustrated to be robbed of that completely.

But then forge hit rotmg and I was thrilled to never feel the loss of a bulwark, because they’re so affordable.


I get more alien reskins than the original


I’m the same but with Soul’s Guidance: only one of the three Cem whites I’ve never had drop, but the one I most value so end up forging.

It’s sort of an ideal use case for Forge. It’s a white I could in theory get but the relative infrequency of the dungeon, the time it takes to do it means farming for it is very frustrating. It could be months even years before I get one (thinking of how often I’ve gotten the other whites from that dungeon), for something I might then use and lose in a day or few days of play.


I mean I guess you could still grind for it. But then yet again forging is so ez to do


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