The Forum Achievements Thread



I went to see my stats on the forum today (for the first time actually) and thought of this : why not making a forum stats thread? Here, you could share what badges and stats you crave for, or got and are happy with!

I’ll start with my actual stats :

Your turn! Have a good day!

1 year

Guess you could post here:

But anyway:

(Get beat, in read time at least)


The thing is this thread is realm-related. This one isn’t, reason why I made a separate topic.


I suppose… still feel like it’s a duplicate, me and Scorch posted forum stuff in there, but whatever.


boi… 2.0k <3 given, 69 days visited…


Actually I started being really active at the time when the Shatter’s giveaway started.


lol same





4.6k likes given :sunglasses:


I have the most read time, post created and probably likes recieved.

Damn you @shatter not allowing e to lead in posts read.
damn you @UnicornSla / Doc not allowing me to lead in topics created

I missed the days long ago.


Got a positive post to like ratio today!

Also am tied for most days visited with @UnicornSla and some other people.

Also only person in this thread using dark theme.



It seems that I missed a day D:


i love the segregation between your top relies…


27 days, probably about 1 and 1/2 days of read time. Is this a record?


never looked at this before lol


tfw shit stats


i just skim over a ton of posts without doing much, but don’t worry. I’m judging you.