The General Chat Thread v2


Continued from The General Chat Thread, which hit the 10,000 reply limit.

The General Chat Thread

@deebomb You’re famous now! :confetti_ball:


I missed another one… smh


another rickroll thread yay


I was sitting there ready for so long dang it


This was like my favorite thread so I really wanted to make the second version of it lol :slight_smile:


Now before hell erupts, I advise you to change the tracking status to Normal.




dammit, I was going make “General Chat Thread 2.0” but it seems like I was too late.
oh well, there’s always next time.


I had the other one on watching, and besides, I like getting notifications :smiley:


I summon the conversation of food and free decas

Kinda want food

Actually I rlly want food


Unfortunately, the “free food and DECAs” you existed simply don’t exist. “Free” is a myth, despite popular belief! Labor Cost has always, and will always, continue to exist. Money has a way of forgetting that Labor Cost exists, despite them both being related and next door neighbors. We are sorry their relationship status has caused confusion. There is absolutely nothing anyone can do for you, at this point!

Thank you again for calling the Complaint Department! We are proud to serve our clients, which are among the largest loyal customer bases in the world. Please have an amazing rest of your day, sir!


So, any of you ever played TF2?


Still do


It was the reason I made a steam account! I remember loving the “strange” weapon mechanics where it would change the name based on how many kills that particular weapon had gotten. I still have a “Totally Ordinary” sniper rifle, if I remember correctly, which is precisely 999 kills (998 and 1000 both have different names).

If you still play actively let me know, I have no intention of picking it back up and I would be happy to give you whatever trade-able items I have sitting around.


What does tf2 stand for?


team fortress 2


water in the fire why…


Tf2, I remember that game, I also remember choosing Minecraft over that…:joy:


Okay here is a deep question for y’all to try and answer, “What is the meaning of life when life is life which is life?” Wise questions spoken by BloodBirdX (aka Neon)