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in this case the song is made by that person, rotmg is 1% made by deca, they dont have the right for it and they havent done any work to get approval


So who got the 99% done? WildShadow? Kabam?

The reason why Deca chose to babysit RotMG is to revitalize the game after what Kabam has done.


every update they’ve done is a new way to milk money from the game, they havent fixed any bugs or exploits or created any new content.

bugs/exploit that they created themselves do not count by the way.


I see the such problems myself. MBoxes, Legendary Ores only obtainable via real dollars and so on.

Aware of that too. Vault bug still exists and few others.

What new content do you want to see?


Haha I come back here and see 34 more new replies like I said ha


hey, Idk who this person is, but they were going to make a post in here. than later, they stopped.
now I’m curious and have some questions like, “what was going to be in their post?” “why did they stop?” etc.
I would be grateful if they decided to answer. it could be out here in public, or in a private realmeye message.

why did I write all this? tbh, idk.

Edit: in hindsight, I should’ve just used the search function and put in their “real name” instead.


did you try hovering his pfp



Deca Games gives itself the license to sell items in their own game.

They are the only ones who can license the selling of items in the game they own, and since they did not license it to RWT sites those sites are illegally selling the “drugs”.



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Hope you are still tracking it at least


Lol, yeah. I will keep up with this one.


idk but there was a while when you died your email address was literally available for the whole dungeon to see?

funny, they don’t do any content it’s all ugc.

but yes they bought the game with money to make money so if someone else is making money that’s bad

also kabam didn’t do anything much needed to be fixed, more so they did nothing

@BlackIist the portion of players that rwt is very small, it’s like what 1, 2k in r/rwt discord? pub halls has like legit 60k, it’s not appealing to many people.

also too hard to track rwt so tax is bad idea

edit: condensed replies


So, uh, anyone play rocket league?


Heard this before.

Even so, Deca has the ultimate power to decide whatever the content should becomes a thing or not.

Heard arguments that Deca is no better than Kabam or even Kabam is better than Deca.


I play a bit, still kinda suck at it though.


what rank?


Gold II in 3v3 lol, hbu?


In 1v1 im gold III, thats what i mostly play, and in 2v2s im gold I


I have it downloaded on my switch, but haven’t played it yet.