The General Chat Thread v2


I don’t think you have any idea how rare Deca rings are. @Triforcej, how many have you had total in your time raiding and RLing fungals?

If the percentage is below 99% duped, I would be honestly shocked. That being said, I think it is totally fine to have them in a prize pool as long as you guys are not the ones duping them. As you said, it has basically become the standard currency and is a very nice reward for the participants.


I’ve completed about 1100 fungals, and I’ve gotten 4 as drops. My first one was around run 300 and second not far after that, my third was in the mid 700s and fourth was very recently, so between 1000 and 1100.
You can draw your own conclusions about the rarity based on my experiences, but every rl has had different luck with them


keep in mind decas used to drop from events, and 02 a long time ago


Jesus Christ.




You right, I’ll post here.

Let me assure you, it isn’t. If you still have fun playing realm that way, why change?


there’s a game that’s free to keep right now, and I apologize for not spreading awareness earlier.
that game is will glow the wisp.

also, here’s the trailer.

you should get the game now, as it’s free to keep until tomorrow(at the time of this post).


Congratulations @XBookwyrmX @Wilhuff @LudwiGa @Denryuu @NootLord @DudexAAA for placing in the competition! Serious turnout from forumers!


so back for my every so often updates.

i still play league of legends, mainly (for mid) ahri, ekko, secondary viktor, neeko. soraka and ahri for support mainly. feel free to add me: dustyacer in NA. im currently in silver 3 elo

school is starting on the 8th, im actually at campus now ( i mean living in dif city, but not in campus), my wifi at my house doesnt work and the replacement modem was supposed to arrive 2 days ago. my credit card also suddenly stopped working when i buying food (rip my poutine).

i think im swapping programs to economics (with concentration in computation analysis) from cs. i didnt actually get accepted this semester bc of space issues. I got accepted into business with concentration in comp something if wanted to accept but not as interested (although some sources say its easier for employment, but i waste more courses by doing so (my original courses, less transfer over and i dont have many electives to fit my old courses)).

i read my last msg and i think it was a few days before my hospitalization, i was hospitalized 3 times this summer, first time for peracaritis (which is inflamation around the heard sac creating crap tons of fliud (large bottle, like more than half a litre)(doctors say if i waited longer it could’ve been life threatening). i wanted to originally go to my doctors but they were like " u have covid symtoyms, go to the covid center, i waited a day and on the call they were like u should just go to emergency (but those take ages) so i went to covid center first. they sent me to the hospital and go shipped to kingston ( i live in small city and was sent to semi bigger city). got fluid drained from my heart by a tube on the same day. my symtoyms were headache, pulse of 115-130, super sore shoulders, nausea, feaver, cold sweats, loss of appetite etc. peracaritis is known to be sometimes caused by the vaccine in younger people but i had it befor ei got my vaccine.

the second time i had the same syntoyms and went to the hospital, they said no issues (this is back at my home city hospital taht sucsk), they make me take off my shirt and wear a gown ( i wear long sleaves in 30 degrees celcius ). i asked for blankets, they gave me them 2h later. i asked for food, i asked 3 times, they said they ask to see if doctor allows me two times, and the third time they say they get but never got, i left by morning (went in at 12am or whatever is the night time), i came back the next day and got diagnoised with pheunomia in my lungs, stayed a few days (for some reason i was isolation bc i was in kingston, and bc of that i couldnt order my food). i was just treated with antibiotics.

afterwards my referred cardiologist (only one in city) said i didnt need some tests bc he didnt think my peracarditis would reoccur again.

the third time i went back to the hospital for peracarditis again, they ended up just treating me with the same medicine i ate after i left the hospital ( each event was about 1-2 months apart, so i would steadily take less medcine after leaving for a while). my roommate would turn on the ac for a few days and i had no idea, so i would wake up in the middle of the night freezing, i thought it was bc of other reasons ( i thought the ac was an air freshner or something bc of covid). after he found out, he kept on trying to turn it on (the room temp normally is like 21degrees but it has lots of ac so it feels a lot colder). also my roomate was like a 35year old buff conscruction worker football player. i helped him exploit lots of things teaching him how he can order food and can get others from outside hospital to give him food, but despite that he cannot live ina 21 degree room smh.

So im out now, its almost 2 months since my last visit. they referred me to a reumatologist but i never was contacted and i tried to get my dr to refer me to a cardiologist in ottawa (where i live now), but they never responded either. I still feel the efffects sometimes, when i lie down sometimes, my chest will get a very crammed feeling and my heart starts hurting a bit when i exercise a bit too much.

this is from another thread that mentioned me, i just wanted to point out realm has kinda always been the game i picked up in the summer and dropped when school start coincidentally bc i got bored it of it, but i always picked it back up bc it was easy to bc of the low amounts of updates, now im too lazy since there are always new things to learn.

i was looking at people’s profile, and im like how

how am i shatter’s most replied after all these years still.

at least people like uni has me as second


too lazy too look at more people, was i really that active (no life) or everyone else just not that active anymore

also wtf is this

why did shatters fat fish change to this.


also 100

click this link so i can get a badge on it when i come back next time, i promise u 99% thats its not a virus


is traiding only possible in Nexus after the today’s update? that’s a shame!


Not that I’m aware of?
At least I opened a trade window in a dungeon but didn’t actually attempt a trade.


Maybe you were in a closed Realm with the message being blocked out during the loading screen?


Thanks for your reply.

It was an open realm with about 30 enemies to defeat before closing. As soon as I was in the nexus, trading worked. Did I enter a realm, it did not work (also not in any Dungeon within the realm).


It works again as normal… don’t know what that caused yesterday.


i got a name chaneg yaaay


where is Lune and why have you captured them


A tragic 20th anniversary of 9/11 attack…

May the innocents who died because of the attack rest in peace…


stop liking my old posts it makes me look at them and cringe


Found one for you. I have some ancient cringey posts as well.