The General Chat Thread v2


noooooo i’m red star


Come back if you have the motivation. Actually, red star do be looking hot.


i don’t think i’ll come back to the game but maybe forums for a little bit


Its been a while :flushed:




@moderators can you reopen this?

AKLDragon PPE Thread




Hey everyone, thought I’d make a quick stop on the forums. How are you all going?


I’m ok there <3


i’m back for a short check-in as well. Keep up the good work fellow forumers.


Hiya :slight_smile:
Definitely been quiet around here!


Ayo what happened to you man?



going back to the forums is always fun atleast :smile:


it certainly is.

I’ve found myself having less and less to say on the forums unfortunately, which sucks because I do miss when I was super involved in the community here. I’m only a little less involved in the game now than I was back then


Hey same

not same :frowning:
I literally haven’t been able to play rotmg for the past 10 weeks because I broke my arm really badly, but I am now in just a brace so I figured I’d check back with you all


@PRCSakura Grats on winning the headhunt raffle!


That must have hurt, I’m sorry that happened to you. But you’ve made it this far, I’m glad! I hope it keeps slowly getting better.


Thank you <3


the break itself didn’t hurt very much, but it was healing wrong so it had to get rebroken two weeks after and three weeks after the actual break


Mega-ouch. Hope you can recover soon. <3