The General Chat Thread


No, you guys do a great job! You were all doing this fine before I was ever even on your radar. We merely all have different schedules in the day is all. There’s no competition from my end! ^^


Following the “replied to” conversation, I think it is pretty fun to see who I have liked the most. Thanks for being awesome, guys (and gal(s?)).

What I am REALLY curious about is which users have I liked the highest percentage of all of the posts that user has made, if that makes sense.

Edit: Does anyone have someone other than Glawi as the person who gave you the most likes? Seelpit is somewhat close for me, but there is still a substantial gap there.

Edit edit: now I am really, really tempted to screw up this summary sheet by liking every single post of someone who used to be very active but doesn’t really use the forums anymore… Very tempting…


PRCSakura’s liked like two thirds of my (liked, not Forum Games) posts

Edit: @Demonseye wtf i got 47 notifications



I love stats - my turn! •:

I hadn’t checked those in 3 months, or something. It’s funny to see the way those categories stacked up… I guess I didn’t realize I handed out so many likes to those individuals!

(I bet those high replies were because of the Gladiator thread. I spent a lot of time there for a while)


We sharing stats now?





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Most liked and replied to but 5th given likes to image


@demonseye why on earth do i have 47 notifications wtf

my full stats~



Smh light mode users…
jk I love you all


Thats like saying “I don’t mean this, but…”

I don’t mind light mode users but they should be crucified


Light mode gang





I’ll admit, Nyan Cat did cross my mind. I wanted to offer something less generic though.


TIL this is a character: ‰

I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by it but I think everyone needs to know it exists


Oh yeah, the parts per million symbol! It’s useful for dealing with large groups, like population sizes. I’ve used it a few times in the past


That actually came up at work just last week! Crazy coincidence! My coworker was mind-blown finding out that percent was just per-century, and that it can be used with other prefixes as well. This one always bothers me though… Why is it per-milli instead of per-mega?

Edit: I guess Book’s explanation above is pretty sensible… Based around the full word, not the metric prefixes.

Edit edit: I’m dumb and confused my prefixes, also we were both kind of wrong, see post below.


see if I had found it like that I wouldn’t care, but apparently this character is part of the .png file header. the first line of a PNG file when examined as a text file is ‰PNG and I’m like wtf is ‰ doing in there

proof if you don’t believe me:


That… That’s bizarre. I am impressed that you noticed it!


also you’re correct about it being parts per thousand not per million, it’s “parts per mille” which is based on the “milli” metric prefix which is 1 thousandth, a brief google search confirmed this