The General Chat Thread



@wafflelead smh


umm yes


Thanks realm?

Couldn’t do anything so I Xed out. What’s odd is my internet is fine. Literally someone besides me playing stuff on YouTube. The discord VC was coming through perfectly. Also the game is broken for me now…




Auto closes when i open. hopefully it can be cured by them mods


i’ve made a new one in the meantime, i’ll leave this here to let the mods know that they can close or hide that one in case they fix it.


Tried. Failed.

I feel like such a disappointment.

[Blame @system. It’s all his fault. OB]


Is it possible to extend the reply cap?


Perhaps put a link to the new one in the OP?


A new white bag thread?
presses like




wb thread 2.0 plox


s m h


ultimate oof


LOL i saw it coming

man gaod’s edge was gonna cut himself sooner or later


Kinda ironic how they got banned before djck.


Most interesting ban reason I’ve seen


Kinda interesting how people are allowed to keep alts for months even after being banned on several accounts


What I find interesting is a chat where you can talk about most things still hasn’t hit 10k, yet a thread for the rarest bag in the game has auto-closed.


Who dat?

OP on that thread got banned, but I didn’t notice the reply furthering the poem until later.

There’s a difference between calling others names in a direct reply and going out of your way to insult someone somewhere unrelated. The later crosses that line imho, while the former flirts with it enough that eventually one of us has enough and ends it. Djck went MIA for a while so I was hoping he had left. Guess i’ll have to start reading that stuff again.


Bookbookbo most likely still has an alt somewhere.

Or maybe I’m wrong and he stopped making alts :man_shrugging: who knows…