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@xaklor mod abuse censoring my and @windowshdd 's productive discourse


I agree


I may be late by 1 day but happy day of birth.




Congrats! :smiley:


I want to die
Alright I fixed it



Notice the UwU there.


Why do they do that now??


@LessKing if your collapsed sections don’t display right, try putting return mark/blank line between the paragraphs.
It sometimes can’t handle it when the paragraphs are a wall-of-text.


i just hit reply halfway through the post (somehow) : /


is there a way to get it to reposted at the bottom of the thread?
And/or is the a notification when some edits a post on your thread?


If you edit it will remain where it is, just with the updated text in the post and the edit number near the date/time gets +1.

If you wanted you could repost at the bottom and delete your first post with the wastebin icon near the heart on that post.

But there’s only been a handful of replies since yours, so I think an edit looks fine.


alright, thanks for the reply : D
im probs worrying about nothing, but i would feel bad if all that effort i put into this (which also was fun for the most part) would go to waste since i wouldnt get seen
then again i think kidd or toasterz said that everything would get read, so it should be fine


In that case, for your own piece of mind I would recommend repost it and delete old post, since it’ll retrigger notifications that way. Otherwise there is a chance that those who’ve already been in won’t notice it’s changed and that does include Toastrz who replied to me.

Definitely I think they’ll appreciate the specifics you’ve gone into “the wiggling Feargus” (lol) etc is probably the kind of details they need to actually do changes rather than just “I do/don’t like it”.

YVW :+1:


Being the rational-based person i am, i try to think to myself why i like or dont like something.
And for feedback ive made it a habit to suggest some changes as well instead of solely pointing out ‘faults’ (i like it that way as well). Though sometime pointing out points for improvement is already a bit helpful (mostly getting a different pair of eyes to view it)




Tell me I’m wrong, idiot


I’m not even sure what you’re trying to say, so I can’t whether or not you’re wrong :/