The General Chat Thread


This is epic


Holy shit dude @Darkawaiii

Are you glawi in disguise?






@Unicorn Found your favorite Pokemon.


what’s the name?


Unicorn I dunno, ask Seelpit.


The council has spoken. @Seelpit, what’s the name of this beauty?


It’s Ponyta, but the Galarian version

Oops replied to the wrong person


Dude pokemon has changed so much. :heart: for now because I ran out of likes


Isn’t it a psychic type?




Holy shit galarian pokemon are beautiful.


My favorite is the rockstar Zigzagoon


Ahahha im big dumb. just looked it up


No, nov 14th



when we gettin realm pet battles; make use of them after their healing is nerfed


You did that to me too


Holy shit. Has it been a year and a half already?

But seriously. Realm gave me one of my most beloved projects well over a year ago, and to this day, I’m still making improvements to it. I won’t be making more threads on it… instead, I’ll just leave this little promotional image I made for the class and leave it at that.

Thank you guys a ton, seriously. I wouldn’t have made this class without you guys.



We’ll all make it someday, my dude. Someday…