The General Chat Thread


Do you play terraria?


Yeah why?
I’ve forgotten how to play mostly but I played


Do you want to play?


Can’t atm
Im at school and I need to catch up on hw
also the comp im on rn can’t run it so


Okay then :stuck_out_tongue:


darn it, is that how it works?

The Achievement Thread

If LudwiGa says it, it happens


god damn it man, uncool


Okay I revert the spell if you oficially become my friend


Uhh. okay. As in rotmg?


No, you are now part of the elite called LudwiGa’s friends, together with @InfamousX , @DivineOryx and @Demonseye


that’s hot


What is this about anyways @LudwiGa


Yay I got a new friend


It is about being my friends


image can’t like :expressionless:
15 hours thats too long


Please keep in mind you can get a pm from me saying “free skins pls” at any moment while being my friend


Then can I pm you something random? at random times?


He uses black mode !

/friend remove LudwiGa


Imagine not using black mode