The General Chat Thread


I’m now wondering just how many of those I’ve walked past without noticing.

Probably a lot.



Where’d @Doc go? He never posted something in the farewell thread as far as I know


There was a star wars giveaway on the back of a cereal box. Anyway, even if these are rigged and impossible to win like Pub Halls giveaways, i’ve decided to give it a try anyway. There was in total a free flight to Jordania for 5 days + guide, and 50 star wars bowls.

I grab my code on the back, answer to the age-name-city thing with very serious answers

Full name : blub BLUB

City : blub

Adress : blub

Birth date : 01/01/1991

Email : blub

I click done, and then i have a popup announcing i won… a star wars bowl.

I wasn’t even caring anyway. Hope they are not sending the package with the bowl automatically though.



(No, I’m kidding; don’t even eat cereal)


I’'ll drag the quote here as to not throw off discussion.

I’d most certainly reccommend the series to anybody. I really didn’t know much about Yahtz aside of the “funny fast talking man on a dying Youtube network”, but through the Dev Diaries he’s opened so much about his process/history.


@WangleLine Is live doing what the tittle says, for charity


oh oh! Thanks for sharing it around, that event was great~


Finally hit white star, time to retire.


log out then log in :slight_smile:


Ah thanks


See you in two weeks!


True :rofl::joy:








I saw this when looking at the most viewed threads and some of these just made me laugh.


dang that’s old. so many memories…


Hi @PRCSakura
I see you like doing screenshots for the Death Thread. So do I. :smile:

If it’s any help to you: in Windows the PrintScreen button captures the whole screen, but you can do ALT+PrintScreen and this will screenshot only the active window. So if you don’t want your desktop in the picture, ALT+PrintScreen is an easy way to do it.