The General Chat Thread


This is the first time I realized the placeholder actually says “ART”


Took me 4 years to notice


Banned for using alts.


That’s going into the ‘Took me years to notice’ thread.

@Nevov Would you like to do the honors?





I don’t see the point in clumsily breaking apart a perfectly organic exchange in a thread made for those sorts of things just because a single comment happens to almost fit with an already existing thread.

just let conversations happen lol


That was a joke poking fun at the fact Nevov likes to break apart and merge threads.


Not quite accurate depiction to really make the joke work, as, if it’s a thread, there will be (as an actual thread) one thing leading into the next, and a wiggly thread is still a thread. All fine and good, I don’t like to break these apart.

It’s the off-topic reply that isn’t part of the conversation thread, that’s what’s liable to get zapped away. I like defending the integrity of strong topics against jump-cut derails.

And the reverse obverse (wait what there’s an @OB-verse? talking about derail, how in one sentence): if a new topic posted would be an on-topic reply for an existing, such as all the doublestack event pictures, merge beckons! Mostly this happens when I think “hold up didn’t I already reply about this?”.

Side comment, it would be sometimes a nice nuance to have the option to leave a copy of what was there, only collapsed, so readers could click to see what had been there, if they wanted. We had this on our old guild forum (move and leave a copy), but the lack of this means the intervention is an all-or-nothing.

So yeah anyway that’s an entirely non-humorous reply to your one liner joke! Here have a fish as compensation. :fish:

PS. you could also exhort @Mynamerr to post about ART directly into the ‘Stuff it took me years to notice’ thread, as I’m sure others would not realise that’s what the icon is. unless it’s already there from another poster, as I’m sure I’ve had this conversation about ART before many times too.


No more school in France. More RotMG.

This means DECA will need to work from home…


I think Deca is based in Germany and Estonia.

I don’t know about Estonia but most things in Germany aren’t shut down atm

Edit: Ok now they are


Is it shut down because of the Coronavirus? My school says “We ride till dawn bitches” basically.


@thatsmyjam We must prepare for @JimdaFish’s arrival!

You got the salsa ready?


Can I have some?


I wonder


His name just sounds like he had a tough day.




Is it named Jim?


is confused


jim… jim-fish… jim the fish… @JimdaFish



Lmfao shame I’m not 16 randoms all the way too