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I’ll see what I can do, the images are completely deleted.



It’s true!!! BMJ is back!


@Sataru hope you get better :hearts:

god bless the USA


plz no more priest skins ty


@Demonseye Why you no post in the What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc) :disappointed: :stuck_out_tongue: (I can move it there if you like?)

@Wilhuff @Twitchystr

FYI jumping into this one (I probs won’t hatchet up the conversation cause I’m not bothered by it)- BTW I know of the Ra’s Al Ghul character (from the Christian Bale Batman movies) but I’ve never heard of the Lazarus pits unless that’s what the giant prison pit is in the film though a quick Googling says that it’s maybe only an oblique reference. So your assertion (Wilhuff) might only be tenuously true, unless you are saying that the prison pit thing is valid enough to count as ‘involving’. Your randomer might be in that situation, a filmic viewer of the Bale Batmans only, thus their accusation of your “comic-knowledge nerdiness” for something a movie-only viewer (eg. also me) wouldn’t know.


The pit from the movie is a reference to the Lazarus pit.


I see from reading up on it now, though you recognise how it’s never called that so movie viewers could be oblivious?







You stalk Sataru?


It was posted on discord yesterday (not by Sataru)


what about that new mount and blade, the time has finally come


It’s just like everyone say




didn’t know where to put this so here it goes


i finally have a wizard skin/dye combo i can appreciate having


Secret sauna now gives you the healing effect


Oh, good! Now if I’m low on hp, I’ll have a place to go!