The General Chat Thread




is that steam hours?


No, hours on current living chars




was like an hour into a t0 sword petless lod and i forgot how to dodge lol. learned a lot that try though we go try agane


I absolutely do not enjoy gore in any way, sexual or otherwise.
I do, however, find some enjoyment in the thought of being sat on non-lethally :3


In the circumstance UT trading ever opens up, you can have mine for free. K ty bye.


I have 2…


Sad hours am yellow star now until I figure out why my exalt won’t load. I should probs delete stuff on my computer.



A wizard encounters Exposed Code in The Machine during the battle with Null.

More like :

A wizard encounters Exposed Code in The Machine on top of a player named Bertmaster which is known for playing with bots.

What’s the chance for this to happen in a normal screenshot >_<


The thing I missed the most is all the fan art. They are all so good.


And just as quickly as it started, my Terraria master mode journey has come to an astounding end! That was really great, it kind of felt like my first run of Terraria where I was struggling to progress in normal mode, the devs really did well with this update and I enjoyed it very much! I touched on as many new pieces of content as possible (BM farming, the 2 optional bosses, Golfing, etc.) as well just for the sake of the final major update~

And I suppose if anyone’s interested in the setup I used in the ML fight, it’s these equipment. They’re all forged with menacing, mainly cuz warding doesn’t do much when u are practically getting 2-hitted from everything, so might as well kill them before they kill you. One of them is a new item from the new boss which greatly helped in the ML fight (mainly cuz it saves me from having to build a giant platform arena), so yea!


nvm its working now yay


how do you check for death fame?









should some of this stuff go in the terraria thread?




Why am I missing characters other than bard in my realmeye?


You haven’t played them in 2 weeks.


I went on all of them yesterday getting a set for bard together.