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@Demonseye last loot post in White Bag thread isn’t a white bag smh my head.


Nice white too.


How the fuck did the white bags go from 10000 to 10156.


Pretty sure the counter for the link includes deleted posts, while the counter for closing the thread does not.


IK the link. Bottom right though. It was 10k when it closed, refreshed page, then it was 10156.


BTW you were only just sniped to make WB v3:

New one is topic /61304 The White Bag Thread v3
Your deleted one was /61305 The White Bag Thread 3


Ok, I think I’ve discovered a glitch, but I can’t computer record because I don’t own this computer. I’d like to film it, but there’s currently 11 other people running around squawking at the moment, so I’ll do my best to describe it

I’m was on my low leveled ninja, and I decided to put on my candy ring, which subtracts my maximum mp down to 82. So I equip an Ice Star, which costs 80 mp. So I go to run, which consumes my mana, but I have a decently leveled pet with an mp boost, which almost negates any decline of used mp. However, if I try throwing my star below that required cost, it still launches, but at no cost. As a matter of fact, I can rapid fire 3 - 4 of them successively at no cost before (usually) consuming my mp properly. And very occasionally, the direct opposite occurs, where I consume my magic and don’t throw any stars at all! If I try persisting in either case, the server kicks me after exploiting this 3 - 5 times. I tried this both in my vault and in the nexus for the short time I was on.

Is that anything that should be reported or nah? :thinking:


Whenever i enter a portal while holding my ability key down, a shuriken is fired for no mana cost, but it doesn’t do damage and just passes through enemies. It might be similar.


I’ll try it out more. This is interesting. Probably tomorrow, alas


I mean, if we’re talking weird glitches, I once equiped a katana as my weapon and a mark as my ability as a Knight, the game crashed like 3 seconds later and everything returned to normal. That was early exalt and it has appeared to have been fixed since then.


I forget what exactly causes it (probably something like an ability use when you have the mp on button press but not when the star is shot due to mana drain) but firing those mp-free stars will DC you whenever it hits something. I believe stars not being able to have multiple shots fired at once is related to this iirc, one or more of the shots is an invalid projectile which makes your game crash (and then disconnect) if it makes contact with something since the game has to check the projectile to see what happens.


I’ll have to check that out. I was mostly firing into the open, but I was only on the game for a couple minutes before having a stupid idea. I’ll take your word for it; it seems similar to why you would dc in the tinkerer for exceeding the mana cost of what you have, despite not apparently doing anything before they fixed that issue.


It’s strange his ign still exists in our guild roster:

But if you click the ign his realmeye page is gone. Does this happen if the player changed their ign? Or what?

Edit: It seems that’s just when they make the profile private… But I guess wouldn’t it say private for the ign on the guild roster?


huh i have no idea, never really played around with leader+ privileges on realmeye lol. i guess you could check the in-game guild list to see if he’s still in guild?


Oh yeah he’s down there:

And no idea who left that on the guild board, but it’s good lol


iirc this is because the projectile is spawned client-side while the calculations need to be done server-side, except the server doesn’t know where this projectile came from.

Stars are just such incredible XML spaghetti…


Thinking about a rotmg dating sim…

Campfires Art Thread!

Hey @Seelpit! Congrats on that skin of yours finally being added to the game! :confetti_ball:


Can someone tell why they changed the sprites of tomes? Haven’t been too active recently.


Short answer: they barely resembled books.