The General Chat Thread


I’ll have to check that out. I was mostly firing into the open, but I was only on the game for a couple minutes before having a stupid idea. I’ll take your word for it; it seems similar to why you would dc in the tinkerer for exceeding the mana cost of what you have, despite not apparently doing anything before they fixed that issue.


It’s strange his ign still exists in our guild roster:

But if you click the ign his realmeye page is gone. Does this happen if the player changed their ign? Or what?

Edit: It seems that’s just when they make the profile private… But I guess wouldn’t it say private for the ign on the guild roster?


huh i have no idea, never really played around with leader+ privileges on realmeye lol. i guess you could check the in-game guild list to see if he’s still in guild?


Oh yeah he’s down there:

And no idea who left that on the guild board, but it’s good lol


iirc this is because the projectile is spawned client-side while the calculations need to be done server-side, except the server doesn’t know where this projectile came from.

Stars are just such incredible XML spaghetti…


Thinking about a rotmg dating sim…

Campfires Art Thread!

Hey @Seelpit! Congrats on that skin of yours finally being added to the game! :confetti_ball:


Can someone tell why they changed the sprites of tomes? Haven’t been too active recently.


Short answer: they barely resembled books.


Lol, my sister hates the new book sprites, but I like them


Is is just me or can’t i stop cringing at my past ~oct 2019 self


Give me examples of what you did

about that, its pretty normal to cringe at your past self, you need to git gud and cringe at your present self like me :sunglasses:


Cringing at your past self and cringing at your present self aren’t mutually exclusive events. This means Demonseye could also be cringing at himself now.

It also means that I think I’m an idiot regardless of where I am on the timeline.


I didn’t even know they had changed them in the first place lol


this just in: xaklor, who doesn’t play the game, is unaware of a game change. absolutely shocking


I think most of them look worse in one way or another (the image on botany hardly looks like a flower anymore, new prot no longer looks like it fits in the tomb’s Egyptian aesthetic, etc.), but there are a couple that look great, if only because the old sprites were so bad - the fungal tome actually looks like a mushroom now instead of a red die, and the tome of pain looks a little more book-like (though I think it still needs some improvement)


I guess I should clarify; I like most of them. :slight_smile:


Well imo they look terrible now.


Direct all complaints to the spriters for potential changes.


Just wanna say, that in my entire experience with forums, Realmeye has been the cleanest, easiest to navigate, and simplest to use.

The site not cluttered at all with unnecessary banners and icons. I think displaying the start count, mod titles are enough. I love how there’s an easy-to-reach search bar (that can be activated with Ctrl+F) to look up threads and specific posts if you’re already in a thread. I appreciate how replying and quoting are really intuitive. You only need to highlight certain words and the site automatically makes a blockquote linked to the post/user you quoted from. And of course, the wonderful post-editing tool complete with icons.

There are just so many little things that make Realmeye nice. Kudos to all the people that worked so hard to make it all happen. :blush: