The General Chat Thread


plveuk got permabanned


honestly not surprised in the slightest.




Good. His gimmick got old really fast.


I would consider him a troll exactly but I understood the ban


@Seelpit You can get the dimensions of the images back to “normal” if you edit the post and change the width number to be the same as in your 1st pic, which is width=“666” :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:


not a single forum post in an hour


I noticed activity has been running low. Maybe everyone is playing the game.


Its always dead at that time.


Activities higher then ever from what I notice. Go to sleep and wake up to 20 new topics


School started back up. We’ve seen a slight drop in traffic, but believe it or not we’re still getting ~400 posts per day.


Then maybe I’m the one tracking less topics recently.


Oh, yes, I know that - I use it quite frequently to resize reaction images.
I was confused as to why the original screenshot wasn’t 666 like it usually is :U


Making a post here so maybe I’ll wake up with some notifications :frowning:


Nope, sorry, not gonna happen.


Step 1: Get white bags
Step 2: Post on White bag thread
Step 3: Wake up with 42 notifications from the white bag thread


Gotta play the game to get drops


How to get notifications:





Getting back on track after I lashed out and obliterated someone. That now being my Ex.
Caused a bit of a riff in my emotions though, which sucked a bit.

Did open up my mind a bit more and actually highlight what I’m capable of, which I’ve now learned how dangerous I am using words.

She deserved to cry. Fucking liar.

Maybe Realm is my best bet for driving my mind away from that.
For now though, I think I’ll be alright with the progress I’ve made away from her.

I guess it makes sense as breakups n stuff are just another phase in life, but I guess I’m being told that relationships really aren’t for me at the moment, and I should probably put full throttle on my curiosity and sense to travel again. EGX with college helped with that.

Anyway, I know you don’t read these posts I make, but its fun for me to scroll back and see how I was doing in relation to the forums.

Gets me thinking what state I’ll be In later when I look at this post, because in all fairness I just use this thread as a time capsule for myself, and a notepage.

Well. Time to get back to talking about general stuff.


you can avoid this situation in the future by employing the strategy introverts worldwide use on a daily basis:

#don’t speak, at all.