The Golden Dagger bug


Well hello,
Realms are continuously wiped because of a code error in the latest patch. After defeating Cursed Librarys’s treasure room boss The Realm Eye asks players what they would like to know about and answering “The Golden Dagger” causes realm where was the dungeon opened or dropped to disconnect all its players. The onliest option to avoid disconnection is to instantly nexus before anyone says it. If you disconnect you will have to have to wait for 10-15 min before being able to play again.
The Major problem is that this bug disconnects players who are in the Oryx Castle too.
I came here to write about it because about 1 min until realm was closed someone found Cursed Library and people went doing it. When people were about to reach Stone Guardians everyone got disconnected. Next Oryx is after defeating around 35 heroes of Oryx. People are abusing the bug.
Please spread awarness.


The good news is:

I’ll close this topic, as the discussion is covered in that other topic.