The Great Chinese Firewall - intermittent blocks on all platforms, network Gods unite!


This is not necessary and won’t help with playing it with that URL. ‘trusted locations’ is one or more locations on your hard drive, so folders. SWF apps placed in these folders run with certain security checks disabled. It’s a convenience feature for developers, who were developing apps for uploading to a web site but were not yet ready to upload. Usually Flash security stops local apps accessing files on a remote server, and vice-versa, and this feature disables it.

It could be worth trying. Download the SWF to a folder. Add that folder to ‘trusted locations’. Then navigate to and open the local SWF with Flash projector. You might need to try a few things for the trusted locations, as Windows (and macOS) can describe file paths a few ways.


Like, i get why this could be good, but it’s execution leaves much to desire. Also as a person who likes to create stuff on my pc from time to time I wouldn’t stand this.


It’s like saying they block Facebook 2 days after they discovered it, but no.

Of course you already knew, you are living in mainland China right now.

More like using someone else’s ID and having separate account.

Well this does triggers Privacy vs Safety argument.

If you are playing games from mainland China, I don’t think 1C2S would grant protection from the proof requirement.


Update - OP seems to have been playing 3 hours ago? Did you manage to get in?


I think I’ve managed a fix this morning.

I found a government sponsored VPN which allows me to connect to the servers, but swiftly disconnects me - this kind of VPN is for businesses operating on foreign apps.

Then once connected, I disconnect and quickly reconnect on a popular gaming ‘connection booster’ called UU.

Then viola! It seems to work, although I haven’t crashed and exited the game yet. So, that’ll be interesting to see if it works a second time.


So, a combination of VPN and UU?



Yeah that’s the one bossman.


Dat necrobump

If you haven’t done this already, it’s basically required to play on standalone flash. Fixes it for me


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