The Inner Workings machine secret!


Nooo, I was creating the wiki page and write the raw solution in it for trolling this topic, you ruined my fun :disappointed_relieved:




I managed to get in spamming “bugs”, “bug” and “bee”.

It’s most likely bee.


what is the password, the numbered code?


Yes, 77328993


But it was already said that it has nothing to do with chat.
jesus christ just stoooop.
But is it really something like using a bee helm? can’t be that restrictive, right?


In which place are we putting “bugs”, “bug”, or “bee”? The nest? The machine?


I just spammed these three as Null was dying inside the Machine, also after he died.


and what was the result?


take 2


The system thingie spawned some seconds after Null spawned, after you have to input the code (77328993) in the chat.


Can someone just stop lying already?
I will just pack bags and move on if this keeps happening.
Getting conflicting info from people saying they know for sure.
What am I even trying anymore


I was able to get in by putting PPEBTWXD


77328993 dosen’t seem to work?


I said PPEBTWLELXD once, but i really doubt these two really do anything.

That is the password after the system thingie spawns, it isn’t the trigger to make it spawn.


You spam bug in the chat to make it prompt the password

(or bugs)


Yea after he says password is needed after putting the number in chat nothing happends he just says connection timeout or smthing like that


didn’t work.
bug didn’t F*** work.


what part of spam it in chat do you not understand


The way to prompt the password is nothing to do with the ingame chat.