The Inner Workings machine secret!


it’s the bee helm then


then why did you say what you said.
Jesus christ.


if anyone wants to test this theory, i’ve got a bee helm.


NOOOOoooOOoooo i somehow nexused X_X. oh well, im going to bed now. cya tomorrow ppl!


Why are you being so toxic? You kept begging people to swap to your home server to pop their keys, and you keep expecting everyone to have solid answers like 8 hours after the update dropped.


So do you spam “bee helm” in chat, or do you use the be helm when prompted?


Probably use bee helm before the boss dies, then type the number pass code when prompted


have you guys found anything for the calculator?


Ok, and do you know what to do once inside the calculator, right now I’m running 65535*1, but I dont know if that is correct.


BEE HELM SPAWNED IT, but also 77328993 didn’t work


In a bit of his defense, people HAVE been trolling by saying they have guaranteed answers, or even just saying they know then refusing to contribute anything of worth to the hunt, making it 5x harder for those of us working our asses off to find the answers


I’m running that too


bug, code, and ppetext don’t work. not sure about anything with beehelm


Spawned what


is it doing anything for you?


I’m almost done, ill let you know what happens.


Currently doing machines with daanoh on testing bee helm
one confirmed prompt so far


Daanoh used bee helm while boss was dying, it asked for the password but the password didn’t do anything when I and others spoke it


are you sure you gave it the correct password? You got it to trigger, which is what most people were stuck on.


we have 10 keys in usw