The Inner Workings machine secret!


Well clearly if everyone else plays on it with no issues, then its a problem on your end


77328993 does NOT work, what is it?
Tried it for the 4th time, got the prompt but the password didn’t work


Guys maybe we missed a hint about what to do with the calculator


I just read through the entire thread, and I’m just going to compile a bunch of information here because it seems like most people aren’t reading through before asking questions which just leads to a lot of clutter. Disclaimer: I have not been In-Game and tested any of this information out, this is just what I have gleaned from reading what everybody is saying.

  1. There is a new “dungeon” called the Inner Workings hidden within the Glitch that will only prompt under a certain password (and the prompt for that password will not appear unless you prompt the prompt itself)
  2. Through an extensive search (including using enigma machine decoders) people have discovered the password by taking to Craig, Guill, the RealmEye, and Dr. Terrible’s computer with certain prompts, eventually leading them to the “77328993”
  3. Most people seem to be stuck on this number, but this is NOT the final password. By putting this through a phone to text generator, you get PPEBTWXD and THAT is the final password to get into the Inner Workings (although I have seen it apparently work with the 77328993 number, so I’m not really sure which one really works)
  4. In order to get the prompt that asks you for the final password, you must bring a Bee Helm into the glitch and use it somewhere towards the end, since it “detects bugs” and the Bee Helm makes bees, and several people have hinted that it doesn’t have to do with saying anything in chat to get the prompt to appear
  5. The dungeon itself is (as of right now) some kind of calculator, with no real apparent purpose, seemingly just a fun easter egg, but information about this is being discovered I type this

Hope this helps to clear up any confusion anyone has.


What server are you all doing this on. I want to help with this, but on usw, ive only gotten it once, and I don’t have a bee helm.


wait what?


“that’s a you problem”
great argument.
This is completely unnecessary btw and doesn’t help anything.
All you’re saying right now is “go away if it doesn’t work lol”
Thanks very much for your communal play!

Sorry that I have bad connection to ONLY USW, and NO other US server.


@Mrunibro REE


But now i gotta wait for my bud with bee helm to come back from Dinner lmao.
Wish I had one.
That does clear a lot of the problems up.


umm… i got in with some1 using beehelm and said ppebtwxd and we got in. i didnt know what to do when your in the innerworkings


you need the bee helm from what i’ve gathered



I am emotionally defeated and cannot go on. Save the world, my final message, goodbye.


I am quite exhausted as well.

Seeing that video of the inner workings, it seems quite pointless to try it out.
Unless there are easily followable steps to get to where you guys are.
Because now I am roughly on the point where you were maybe 30 minutes ago. lol


Loving the computer architecture details but I wish we had a better understanding of what we actually needed to do haha


Farewell, thank you for your discoveries.


im in one, gimme things to input


nice whites.

Ill explain a bit what the divide module is up to

The TOP row of bits is the dividant
The MIDDLE row of bits is the divisor
the BOTTOM row is the result.

It calculates ((TOP)) / ((MIDDLE)) == ((BOTTOM)).

The MIDDLE value always starts as ‘10’ : “(…)00001010”

the TOP is loaded to be the answer of the previous module (the calculation itself)

It then performs division: TOP divided by 10.

After that it has a result (bottom) and remainder (top).

The TOP value is the digit. Because you divide by 10 this is between 0 and 9. It shall be written to the display at the very top.

The RESULT at the bottom shall be copied into the TOP as the new value. Divides by 10 again, obtains a new remainder, write as 2nd digit. Repeats until result is ZERO, then it considers itself done

Each subsequent digit will be faster to do than the next, but the first one will be SLOW


I think you overestimated the ability of random realm players to figure this out!


Eventually it just stopped though, and people were able to change the bottom row of numbers again