The Inner Workings machine secret!


ok i got an inside source in the dungeon that i was in


those are entirely different from the ARG


tiny chance


do we think the dates in the patch notes have anything to do with it?


Semaphore gang





So, who here has seen the chest?
I’ve been grinding all day and not one showed up
People say it’s a 10% chance, and if that’s true, im gonna slap RNG.


ive gotten chest once, its definetly not 10%


So the Inner Workings is something else entirely. Nothing to do with chest.


I must be getting scammed terribly



I am… quite sorry if so many people got pulled into a calculator joke dungeon thinking there was any loot.

(Side note, craig also reassures the player that there is no loot, XP or anything to gain. He’s crying on that little island you all left him on at the moment :crab: )


But there IS something to due with the Inner Workings. Its just JUST an April Fools Joke, right?


so there is no more to the calculator than it being a calculator? :frowning:


@Mrunibro In 2001, in order to market the movie A.I.: Artificial Intelligence directed by Steven Spielberg that finished Stanley Kubrick’s unfinished project to adapt Brian Aldiss’s short story “Supertoys Last All Summer Long”, and also a planned series of Microsoft computer games based on the film, Microsoft’s Creative Director Jordan Weisman and another Microsoft game designer, Elan Lee, conceived of an elaborate murder mystery played out across hundreds of websites, email messages, faxes, fake ads, and voicemail messages. They hired Sean Stewart, an award-winning science fiction/fantasy author, to write the story and Pete Fenlon, an experienced adventure game “world builder,” to serve as developer and content lead. The game, dubbed “the Citizen Kane of online entertainment” by Internet Life,[19] was a runaway success[20] that involved over three million active participants[21] from all over the world during its run and would become the seminal example of the nascent ARG genre. An early asset list for the project contained 666 files, prompting the game’s puppetmasters to dub it “the Beast”, a name which was later adopted by players.[22] A large and extremely active fan community called the Cloudmakers formed to analyze and participate in solving the game,[23] and the combined intellect, tenacity and engagement of the group soon forced the puppetmasters to create new subplots, devise new puzzles, and alter elements of the design to keep ahead of the player base.[24] Somewhat unusual for a computer-based game, the production drew players from a wide spectrum of age groups and backgrounds.

[ 3:17 PM ]

Although the Beast ran for only three months, it prompted the formation of a highly organized and intensely engaged community that remained active[25] years after the game concluded. Perhaps more significantly, it inspired a number of its participants to create games adapting and expanding the model, extending it from an anomalous one-time occurrence to a new genre of entertainment and allowing the community to grow even after the Beast itself concluded. Members of the Cloudmakers group went on to form ARGN, the primary news source for the genre, and Unfiction, its central community hub, as well as designing the first successful and widely played indie ARGs, such as LockJaw and Metacortechs, and corporate efforts such as Perplex City.

has anything to do with this?


Great ARG btw


is it confirmed theres nothing more then the calculator?


welp I got in, and it indeed is just a calculator

if you wanna know how to get in, the bee helm and spamming bug or bugs seems to do the trick, then when it gives you the prompt enter 77328993 and enter the inner workings portal.

this was a nice ARG, but it was really irritating not knowing what to do when we had all of the pieces, just not a specific item.


I’m also upset there was no loot or lore from it


I agree the hint for that wasn’t the easiest, but it was possible to figure it out with the extra hints Toastrz added.