The Inner Workings machine secret!


uhh i think so, but i did like it


I was hoping for something big lol. But to be fair this is April 1st…


we’ve been at this calculator for a while now haha I think we’re trynna figure out what to do with it


I like how this discussion got 600+ posts in less than a day, lol


Thanks Mrunibro and Toastrz, figuring this all out was a ton of fun, even if the final missing piece made some people angry.


is it the end? is there no more after the calculator?


@Mrunibro Thank your for The Inner Workings. You told me you spent 400 hours of your time to make this dungeon, and that is amazing. I have been on a wild goose chase since 8am today, and have had so much fun going through all the hints you planted for us. The care and dedication you put into your work really shows,


Thanks Uni And Toast for someone fun to do today, and thanks for being along for the ride with our group uni :smiley:


it was fun having our own little mini Cicada 3301. ty uni :blush:


As Uni posted above, this is the end.


Imma leave this be and wait for yall with more iq than me to figure it out, GL


So Basically this guy coded a whole ass ALU and made realm into an ARG? That’s freaking awesome. Congrats to @Toastrz and @Mrunibro



the joke is that something as useless as a calculator exists in a game about looting and shooting. The complete contrast is the silly joke.

It’s like Desert Bus , the game designed to be as little of a ‘game’ as it could possibly be.

Additionally, It can be seen as a practical joke, in the sense that it is a demonstration of how truly impractical it is to get realm objects to operate in specific ways. There is no better way to make a calculator in this game, because realm objects have no concept of “math” or “variables”, or anything you might do in a real programming language. They’re just finite state machines. They take a state, do some stuff, and if they observe a specifically defined event (e.g. low hp), they go to a different state. That’s all they are capable of. It’s why so many cool ideas for this game never become reality.

But apart from being just an april fools joke, no. This calculator has nothing to offer. It is not a step in the ARG, it is the end of the ARG.

There might be specific outputs that the calculator will react to. But there are no hints for those, just effectively random events. (e.g. it scolds you if you make it calculate ‘69’).

Repeating an extra time:

This is the end. There is no chest. The reason people thought there was one is because it got caught in the brainwaves of people trying to figure out the ARG, and stuck around somehow.


Thanks uni, very cool ARG.

btw has anyone tried dividing by zero


Yes :slight_smile:


It results in an error and resets the numbers.


I do appreciate the lesson that i forgot most of what i learned in computer science 1
relearning signed integers hurt my sleep deprived brain


To be honest i expected that the calculator would explode and give everyone a 10 min disconnect by dividing by zero.


Our group was dope


This was a lot of fun albeit useless glad I could help, who knew having a bee helm would matter sm lmao