The Inner Workings machine secret!


-as well as anything that has multiple shots. Gotta hate it when waki’s can’t one-shot gods with a perfect swipe.


Daaaaang I just saw this thread today and can only agree that this was so much fun and exciting to read through. Therefore a huge respect and thank you to @Mrunibro and everyone else involved bringing this into the game, even tho it was noones task. Have a nice one!


wait. Do we know all five messages that the caculator gives for output yet?


69, 420, the rest are still unknown


What about 10 (Deca), 666, and 777?


666, 777, doesn’t works. also, 10 ? wut


Pretty sure I explained 10 right after I said 10


still, i can’t understand this number far beyond my comprehension


Deca is the prefix for ten, for example a shape with ten sides is a decahedron.


So there’s 420, 69, still searching for the 3 others. Ree


lol, have you been farming constructs.


lol, have you been farming nests to have a bee helm


I had like… 3 bee helms before acc reset. Haven’t done many nests since, aside from the occasionally realm one haha.


Have you tried 1337?


Explain ? It seems familiar, isn’t it something with 1337/0 ?


leetspeak or 1337speak. It was a meme in the 2000s


What about 833, or BEE?
Or perhaps 80085 - boobs? >w<




I forget how much space there is for output, but 8008135 (boobies) may also be worth a shot


5 digits, but i don’t think 80084 + 1 is possible because of 16 bit , so it’s something like 40000 + 40085