The Introduction Thread


New to RotMG or the RealmEye forums? Introduce yourself here!

Behold, for I have returned
Hello I'm Glawi
Hello, RealmEye!
Im Baaaaack
Who are you thread?
Hello! I'm new to this forum
List of entertaining threads
Hello I'm new
Getting To Know Stuff
Im Baaaaack
Hi everyone!
Hello im actually back, if anyone cared
Hey y’all
Hey y’all
[Forum Game] Paste whatever's on your clipboard!
I'm joining the fourm
Hello I'm BabyFaced

I’m Dylzo but my friends call me Dylzo.


HELO i am pingohits (nekula in-game) i made those 8x8 special set redesigns

wow this is a cool forum


Hi I am Frogboffin I am very friendly moderator.

Just wanna say thanks to @Doc for making this forum happen along with every other mod and of course MrEyeBall.


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Kudos to the RealmEye team for leading this forum to an amazing start.


Hi. I am Kiyo. I use realmeye every day and i am very happy that i can see here the forum which i missed. Forum looks really nice and highly developed, what makes me really happy. Well done! c:


Hi I’m GerRudi and I’m more than happy to see the RealmEye forums,
finally, great suggestions wont get lost in the Reddit algorithms anymore!
The RealmEye devs never dissapoint :slight_smile:

Wow RealmEye devs, great moves, keep it up. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hello friendinos. Cool forum (yay no Drupal yay no myBB), and good to have the old mods back too.

Hoping for great things!


Hi, i’m Mihail.
I want to volunteer for Deca.

I know C#.
(and PHP, and HTML, and C++, and a lot more)


Hi there! I’m Blkendglxy, the Founder of the Priests of Kendo Stick! Praise the Kendo Stick


Hey its me, ^

I like these new forums!


Hey everyone, I’m NadeToon :smiley:
Nice job on making these forums possible!


CURVEFEVER reporting in, really exited about this, hopefully all the drama stays on the reddit, and we can enjoy the peace here.


Hi, my name is Lights. I liked the wild shadow forums a lot and I hope that these forums will be as fun.


omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg


Best thing since peanut butter chocolate.


o; For happy this happened, but gonna take a while to get used to

I'm back

I can agree that a forum like this is good, hope to see this get refined as time goes, but anyway I am SilverM, nice to meet you all


Candyshi - were back B)


i am beachsurf


Hi I am Nam. :slight_smile: This is going to be amazing!