The Introduction Thread


That’s… certainly a… blunt… welcome.

Welcome @MagmaCent!

Have a :cookie:!


Been playing the game for a while, finally decided to man up and join the forums because I have a soft spot for forums. I still suck at the game, this game loves giving me Katanas (FOR THE LAST TIME RNGesus I REFUSE TO MAX A NON-PPE NINJA). Hoping to make good friends with you all!


Welcome @Killith!

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Hi, I’m Lysus. My first name is Lysus, and my last name is Lysus. But you can call me Lysus. I live in
the country of Lysus. I live at West Lysus Street. And my house has lights that say Lysus. I chose this name Lysus because it sounded like Lysus. Hi! I’m Lysus.


might wanna fix that


Thank you lol
I changed my name xd
Damn it Im exposed



Like most of you, I am human. However, I am working with a intellectual species known as the Moo. They have a rich history and influence on humans, yet not much is known about them. My team has been closely working with them, and I have been assigned to spread our knowledge on Realmeye Fourms as part of the Media team. Most of you do not even know what a “Moo” is. Don’t worry, soon I will be shedding some light and answer questions. :slight_smile: Until then…



Oh hey I was informed you were going around realms telling people you were me trying to get donations…

Don’t do that


Well not exactly…

I saw a person no-clipping and told them i Cheater tagged them (won’t tell the person’s name cause no witch-hunting on forums, but that person PMed you so you know who it is). Since I was rank 0, they didn’t believe me. So I told them I was a mule, they asked who my main was, and I remember hearing about you so I said Shatter. He shut up until he told me he was PMing you and you said I was a ‘low-level beggar hacker’.

I didn’t ask for any donations, and I’m not surprised that scumbag said that cause he was harassing me for a while ever since. But he doesn’t matter anyways.

My apologies if that caused you any inconveniences.


I said no such thing. I simply said nothing any way alright, carry on.


Hi I’m Pixelskull.



I’m Wafflelead and I am cronically addicted to the forums


Hi, I’m Brandon and I forgot to post this a long time ago when I joined, although not too long. Can I still have a cookie?





Hello! My name is Dogmancer. Well, my username, but that was probably obvious.

Here is a picture of the best weapon in the game:


Welcome to the forums! I can’t give you a cookie, so here’s a picture of one instead.

=o How do you get that dagger!?


It’s a rare drop from the hardest enemy in the game: PIRATES!


Hi, not really new here but looking to make a fresh start. Some of you may know me as @Shinononon or @Mrsurvivor back in Feburary-Marchish before I took a long break from the game, but I’m eagerly looking to get back into it seeing the great updates in the times since I left! Grinding from 0* is going to be a pain, but it’s a worthy cause for my time.



Welcome to the forums Dogmancer!

##Have a :cookie:!