The Introduction Thread


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Hey, all!
I am just recently getting into the game after making my account many years ago (back when hp and mana potions took up inventory space…eek!). Also chose this name at the time, which would definitely not be what I would choose now, but I think I would rather live with it than spend $10 :man_shrugging:

I quickly grew frustrated at the game at the time because I was bad, but upon coming back I am more comfortable with PC controls and am having a blast. Still figuring things out, but looking forward to being a (hopefully) active member of the community here. I am in college for engineering, though, so if I disappear for a while… Well you can guess tests are probably coming up soon.

Glad to see the game seems to have had a great deal of improvements! Looking forward to getting back into it.



I’m offended
Even it 1year and 6 month ago


Welp, now that I’m here…

Hello, I’m FinalSay. I’ve been playing this game for a couple years now but never only really lurked on the Forums till recently. I enjoy Realm immensely and am always open to discussion about it.

Hoping to have an enjoyable time here with you all, and hopefully you’ll enjoy my presence too.


Hey I’m Panytnaa
Call me pany for short

I play rotmg for 4 year (it 2018)
Spent 1 year stuck in highland
Another 3 year was a blast

I also like pokemon too
Especially PMD (Pokemon mystery dungeon)
I have played PMD explorer of (time/sky)
Then I get to playing as Riolu
That all when it starts

Note English isn’t my first language


Hey!! Nice to meet you guys…


Welcome @Passolargo
have a :cookie:


I’m a nub. I suck at realm. PLS DONATE TO PPE :smiley:




Hi I’m XRyuzaki.


hey i am oryxyeti! Just finished serving my one year ban and am happy to be back on the forums


Yo! The forums have changed much since you left. Lord Trofimowen is no longer with us…


Hello everyone. I am Ectogasm!

I am from Perth, Australia! I farm dex pots, and sell 16 for 1 life a pop. I have many happy customers so far who continue to utilise my services, if I do not have any advertised or on my person just send me a message and I will have 16 for you in under an hour.

Good journey!


@SirSpud @BurnixOne


@curlip @burnixone @brooomc another one has joined our ranks!


It’s good to see another bloody Aussie! @Ectogasm Welcome to Australia Mate!


Hi, @BrandonCao introduced me to this game. He taught me a lot, and I know how to solo sprites and snakes now. He even let me in his guild.


you so good at game :o


Damn that’s a cool name.
Now has anyone taken the name “blackpapermoon”…?