The Introduction Thread


More than 10 chars


Oh right.
Also: the name paper moon is taken also.


hullo from reddit

heard that people hate it there? :stuck_out_tongue:

testing brought me here, I hope to make a permanent stay


nice name


Matching profile picture too


hi im new i’ve never replied to this thread before ignore the regular tag i have no idea why that’s there


Me too. what to do here xd


Hello, I’m ladoodee and I am a person who has opinions just like everyone else. I will post on the forums during my math class cuz why do math when you can do realmeye forums? I also use this forum way too much, I don’t even know how I got member in less than a month.


Thanks for participating over a period of weeks to truly join our community.

that’s basically the only req for member
you’re not a true addict until you get reg in 50 days
has anyone even gotten reg within their first 50-60 days?


I’m 99% sure that I did, maybe even if you include the initial lurking.


Started on the forums near the end of December and became Reg mid-February


37 PM

i do mean the very first 50-60 days, not just the days but not counting the time you were inactive


Oh wow…
I guess I just assumed that I was on a shorter time, has it really been 5 months since I joined?


it counts the very first time you log on to the forums as the time you joined, i was active in feb-april of 2017 and went inactive before rejoining around september
for all you know you logged in and left before really getting active around december


Wait, does that include the wiki? I originally made an count to correct a mistake I saw in the wiki.


Some of the older guys like Niegil or Toastrz probably

I didn’t get reg until 10 months after I joined


I am sure that if I keep using this forum the way that I am right now, I’ll get regular in that amount of time.


these nerds are the non-mods who got reg in the first 60 days all on the same day xd



Don’t call @Nevov a nerd!