The Introduction Thread



12 accounts :rofl:


Hi, UbiVoiD here. Some might know me as ‘that guy who popped a truckload of Tomb keys in USSW’. New to forums, ‘new’ to RotMG but I played it a long time ago before Kabam took it over, now I’m back. Liking how far the game has come and all the new dungeons.


welcome! :slight_smile:


hey im ggaodzilla im noob


Hello there, I used to be quite active on the Kabam forums. I am happy to see that this community is alive and well. I will occasionally visit this place here and there, but I won’t quite be as active as I once was in another era.

I hope the best for those who knew me, and I am grateful to be a part of this community. You guys are awesome, keep up the great work!




I remember you too lol.


The man returns, perhaps there is a light in the darkness that is the army of weebs on these forums. Maybe one day these forum will be as much fun to explore as the Kabam forums always were.

Ah damnit now I’m all sentimental.


NANI?? @Hime


The Kabam forums had just as many weebs if not more. wtf are you even talking about


Well they seemed nowhere near as prosperous as they are here.


What are the kabam/wildshadow forums anyways
Wonder if there was someone like me


There will never be anyone like you


I’m a special snowflake


a snowflake is just water. All water molecules are the same. You’re not special.


I’d like to think I’m not so bad…


I’m sorry I can’t hear y’all haters over this dank music


i accidently made a thread because i didnt know i had to post here. Thx for telling me @Samix
Im just new to the thread and wont reveal anything about myself so no one here comes and stalks me.

I'm joining the fourm

Uh, welcome


Too late. I know where you live :scream: