The Introduction Thread


Hey RMG. Yep, that’s me. I’m not really worried about that anymore though, I’m focusing more on my schoolwork and music practice. Honestly I’d say I’m in a better place from exiting (albeit forcefully) the community. Just curious to see what everyone’s up to :slight_smile:


really? I think the whole community that is outside of the game knows you.


You’d be surprised. Lots of people have come and gone since then.


Been a while since I’ve checked in. Doubt anyone remembers me (and those who do are probably getting out their torches and pitchforks) but how’s it going?


You where never that bad, pretty tame compared to the people we have now (cough ggaod cough)


My guildie @Ddasdaa joined the forums a few days ago :3


Funny you mention that with your thread history :thinking:


@Smurgyzs owo your here


Heya guys, wanting to introduce you guys to someone I recently met in realm and who is a really nice person in general. @GRIMTAN I’ve noticed you’re a long time lurker and wanted to make people aware of how awesome you are. <3


Thanks bub, ur awsome too :smiley: @ArexRew


yeah every once in awhile for the past year or so id log on to play casually for a little bit but im actually starting to invest myself into this game again, already got quite a few whites as well during these past few days including bracer

i do have some questions though, mainly “what did i miss”

looking at realmeye offers i can see that old wc tops have been completely destroyed in prices which makes me kinda sad but idk what else ive missed in this community or economy, so enlighten me ig

hope to see yall around once more, i missed being active on the forums since this is imo the best side of the community for the most part

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sidenote i really need to change this profile picture LOL

edit: changed my pfp



Recognised your name :>


Okay so you missed:
Shitty chest events
Shitty chest events
And last but not least
Shitty chest events


i just got a bracer from one of those chests so its not so shitty to me :frowning:

however i really think deca just wants the price of wis and mana to be obliterated


Recent wc events just yeeted the price of tops down the drain.

Mana is definitely the most inconsistent pot. The wc events also hurt def’s value. Invest in decas or STs, as they are unlikely to change in price.


i feel so bad for the wisdom potion, it seems like deca is out to destroy anything relating to mp


What happened to your pfp with the Horrific creation and the Assassin in it?


Hi! Welcome back! :smiley:


it was very outdated