The Introduction Thread


Welcome :smile:


oh fuck hi
have a nice time playing the game


Seems legit



Hang on did he delete his post wot


Got banned. It was ggoad


Smh ggaod not even using a VPN


Scrub ZaTank is back after a year if anybody remembers me/remotely cares.


One year requested ban hey? Well welcome back hope you did what ever it was you were wanting to do when you took yourself away from the site


I really just needed more time away from the internet in general. Kinda freaked out for a bit aand requested that ban but hey I’m good now


welcome back!


Hey I’m new to the forums but not the game. Though I really only started being decentish at the game very recently after having a long break. If there are any specific threads that are ‘required reading’, please point me to them. Thanks!


Welcome to the forums. Have a :cookie:


Welcome! Probably at least do a quick scan of The rules, and have a :cookie: !

<and stay in skool>


Hi Im new the the forums umm what can you do here?


Welcome :smile:

You can ask for advice from other players, partake in forum games, post your white bag drops and deaths, present your ideas like new classes and items, and just talk with a bunch of people. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m DeIusional. I’m not exactly a new player, moreas an alt account with a much cooler name :sunglasses: . Hope I can be good friends with you all.

Can someone explain to me why DECA gets so much shit over their servers?

Hi! Welcome to the forums! Cookie on the house: :cookie:


thank you.


well well well
we meet again

anyways im back on the forums now
i notice we have a few more leaders than when i left


actually that last statement was made assuming shatter was still a leader