The Introduction Thread


Welcome back! :heart:


mods: ob doc shatt
leaders: nevov mynam xaklor

nev was offered mod but declined


hello good people of rotmg , its me Harithh . im new to the game and the forum itself , so if i make any mistake , please correct me. there is nothing much i can describe myself , i just read the guides and videos on this game so atleast i have something to know . alright thats all i can say for now , thanks for reading this! sorry if i have bad grammar , im from the Philippines and i dont speak english much.


Hey there, welcome to the forums! :smile:

As per custom, have a :cookie: (and, free of charge, some :milk_glass: to go with it)


haha thanks for the cookie! :3


Hello Realmeye Forums (:


Hello. Have a :cookie:


you have a :cookie:


Since I never introduced myself, I am 15 years old, I am not a she, the name was supposed to be Ancient, but that was taken by a light blue star. I don’t play as much as other and I specialize in three classes, Sorcerer, Trickster, and Warrior.


Well have a :cookie: if you didn’t already get one


It’s been a while everyone.
I found out that I wasn’t banned.
And decided to hop back on boys.
I’m SpoopyDuck and I used to run around doing dumb stuff here.
Anyways, good to see y’all.
Don’t bother banning me!
The duck is back!
You guys were right.
You can’t quit the game.
No matter what, something always brings you back.
I’m not gonna be to active however I did manage to make an 8/8 for the first time.


I’ve decided i’m gonna get back into RotMG, so i’ll probably be back on the forums quite reguarly. Glad to be back with y’all (Especially the other Realmafia regs)


ya boys, im back to rotmg after a few months… like a year i guess


i also had another thread like 2 months ago, but i could’t actually play


Who are you?




Hi Serl


wait, wat?


looked at your profile namechange history :wink:


oh i remember you, welcome back